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Automated Monitoring of Vehicle Activity at National Border

A government agency lacks resources on the ground to detect illegal vehicle incursions along remote national border.


Illegal activities are taking place at the border between two nations. Hundreds of kilometres of the uncontrolled boundary snake through a remote desert region that has proved nearly impossible for one nation to defend against incursions and other illegal activities.
Vehicle crossings and possible rendezvous for illicit purposes are known to occur along two 100kilometres stretches of the perimeter.
A government agency needs detailed intelligence on activities in the region. Specifically, the agency wants to know if several potential border access tracks are used by vehicles, and where these events are taking place.
With extremely limited personnel and equipment to patrol the remote region, the agency seeks another method of monitoring this illicit activity along its border.

Illustration Automated Monitoring of Vehicle Activity at National Border


The service monitors the number and types of vehicles (cars trucks) along potential border access points.

How does it work?

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The OneAtlas Earth Monitor service enables detection of ongoing vehicle activity in the specified border area and monitoring of its evolution across time



On a periodic basis, the Pléiades satellites can capture optical images of the Area of Interest at 0.5m resolution. An automated workflow is activated upon each new acquisition, and the imagery is automatically analysed using Artificial Intelligence techniques to extract the desired information for the client with precision and accuracy.


Case study

The automated analysis identifies vehicles differentiating cars from trucks, and maintains an ongoing count at specific border locations at the user-specified frequency.


Case study

Earth Monitor determined that incursions were occurring and pinpointed their locations so the client is able to deploy resources appropriately.

Earth Monitor provides the client a statistical report detailing the total number and types of vehicles in the border-crossing area, and its temporal evolution. The analysis also shows geographically where those intrusions occurred with statistics on a time line revealing patterns of activity.


Locations of potential illegal activities have been identified for effective deployment of limited enforcement resources.
The client enhanced its national security through automated monitoring of a contentious border area, which allowed the nation to safely deploy its limited resources in a targeted and cost-effective manner and establish control over its legally established boundaries.


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