Immediate Display of Satellite Imagery for Defence Remote Operations

Diplomatic, political and other pressure points are not always sufficient.
Using military action is sometimes necessary.

Before conducting such an action, commanders need responsive intelligence that decisively supports the warfighter involved in remote operations. Here, satellite imagery is very effective, as it helps to better plan the intervention as well as monitor and measure the results.

MOTAC NG ground station

MOTAC NG ground station

Prior to a military intervention, MOTAC New Generation MObile and TACtical receiving station (based on Eagle Vision 25+ years’ experience) is a game changer for mission preparation, providing tactical intelligence information to decision makers.

Rapid acquisition, processing, analysis and distribution of very high resolution imagery helps assess the situation and evaluate possible options.

MOTAC NG Use Case Military

Easily transportable by air, MOTAC NG compact station is quickly operational on the field.

Having very recent and precise Intelligence on the situation is key for an efficient targeting and strike, whilst limiting human damages.

Go even further with Pléiades Neo!

Thanks to this state of the art constellation (30 cm resolution with less than 5m native location accuracy), it will be less than 1 hour between request and the availability of the image, reducing delays to get a precise and up to date image (delivered in about 20 minutes after acquisition). This new capability will be implemented in the near future.


  • Designed for Tactical Intelligence and cartography
  • Compact format and easy to deploy (< 1.5 hours, 2 people)
  • Transit cases modular architecture
  • Air transportable by a single C-130 or commercial air freight
  • Compatible with Airbus constellation (Pléiades, SPOT 6/7, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, Pléiades Neo) and others
  • Acquisition and image production in less than 30 minutes
  • Secure communications, confidentiality and availability

    * Future capability

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