Urban Planning: Tracking Transportation Infrastructure Construction

The construction of massive transportation infrastructure projects is occurring so rapidly that engineering firms need a safe, cost-effective and comprehensive means of tracking progress.

When information can't be gathered on the ground, look to the sky.

Rapidly growing infrastructure projects such as the Highway 183/71/Airport Blvd interchange upgrade between Austin, Texas and the airport can't be tracked from ground. Construction of new lanes, overpasses, and exit ramps is proceeding at varying rates through a busy area. Engineering firms need to track progress at multiple phases for many applications:

  • Validating that construction milestones are reached on specific dates
  • Ensuring correct materials are stored onsite and ready to use
  • Detecting anomalies, such as construction outside the right of way
  • Tracking change over time
  • Staging crews and equipment to arrive promptly for the next phase of work

This information can't be provided efficiently, comprehensively or cost effectively with drones or aircraft.

Highway interchange point

Access premium imagery through the Living Library

Engineering personnel can access recently acquired Pléiades and SPOT imagery of their Area of Interest, no matter how small, from the Living Library to leverage inside their GIS software to view and measure even the smallest changes in project status.

OneAtlas Living Library provides access to a global data layers

Through OneAtlas, engineering firms now have instant access to recently acquired very high-resolution imagery that can be obtained immediately with flexible purchasing options.
Living Library is a cloud-based Earth observation satellite data service comprised of global data layers and fresh acquisitions of 50cm-resolution Pléiades and 1.5m SPOT imagery filtered for quality. Pléiades data has a maximum cloud cover of 15% with an incidence angle not exceeding 30 degrees. For SPOT, the parameters are 5% and 20 degrees.

OneAtlas Living Library images offer high resolution to view small details

New data is added daily, and subscribers will soon be able to request alerts when their Area of Interest (AOI) is covered with a new acquisition.
Living Library images offer high resolution to view small details, such as earth-moving equipment, while providing a broad-area perspective to track overall progress at a large construction site
, like Austin’s impressive Hwy. 183/71/Airport Blvd. interchange redesign. The image on the right shows OneAtlas Data, and the imagery available within the Living Library imagery service. Regular imagery is available over this highway, dating back to 2014.

Urban Planning Tracking Transportation Infrastructure Construction


  • In any phase of a large transportation infrastructure project - from planning to construction to completion - engineering firms have instant satellite image access to safely monitor progress and status.
  • Ability to monitor the construction and surrounding area. In the Hwy183- Airport Blvd use case over the Colorado River near downtown, satellites also provide the ability to monitor the river and unforeseen impacts to the surrounding environment.

Stream or Download imagery into your GIS

Easy access to satellite imagery through streaming or purchase in OneAtlas

Once you find the imagery needed, you can easily click the "eye" button to copy a streaming link or on the shopping cart to download the image.

Download options in OneAtlas

Once you've clicked on the shopping cart, your download options are available.

Click "Order" to proceed....

Downloading your data in OneAtlas

...and in just a few minutes, your imagery is processed and available to download from the "My Data" section on the toolbar.

Imagery is ready to be used within your own GIS software.


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