Accurate monitoring of unconventionals sites for disruption to oil supply.

Shale production site monitoring tool

ShaleScanner is for oil producers, traders, market analysis, oil field services and hedge fund organisations. It provides precise data on unconventional drilling and completions months ahead of other market information sources.

Precise monitoring of the well pad lifecycle is essential to quantifying the impact on shale oil supply, which until now has not been possible.


ShaleScanner provides the solution!

With ShaleScanner, we combine high-resolution satellite imagery with advanced analytics to provide unprecedented access to insights on drilling, fracking, completion and oil production.

We can help to identify changes in site activity that may lead to disruption to shale oil production and help you to understand activities that may have impact on shale supply.

This innovative service has the potential to transform monitoring shale oil basins, providing precise data on drilling and completions months ahead of public information sources.



Key features

  • Identifies when a well pad has been cleared independent of drilling permit data
  • Delivers updates on wells as they transition from drilled but uncompleted status (DUCs), through to fracking up to 2 months ahead of other sources
  • Offers detailed insights on the entire well pad lifecycle underpinned by high-resolution satellite imagery

Your advantages with ShaleScanner

Effective & Fast - Icon


Obtain factual information up to two months ahead of public data

High Accuracy Icon

Well Level

More detailed identification of specific well stage in lifecycle. Identify when a pad is cleared, well is a DUC, or well is completed

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon


Make decisions with more confidence by using a dataset derived from detailed, high-resolution satellite imagery

User friendliness - Icon


From well pad clearing to completion status, ShaleScanner covers all stages of the well pad lifecycle

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