OceanFinder: A Digital Maritime Surveillance Service Powered by OneAtlas

A digital maritime surveillance service powered by OneAtlas

Combining our expertise in satellite imagery acquisition with other available maritime sources and building on our expertise in big data and predictive analysis, we support the improved surveillance capacities from coastal areas to open seas.

With 90% of the World’s trade goods transported by sea, law enforcement, naval forces, coastguards, search & rescue and freight organisations to name but a few, need more maritime surveillance and intelligence than ever before.

OceanFinder is our unique and innovative digital service to directly order satellite-based maritime detection and identification reports to monitor ships and activity at sea.

Using the latest space sensors and maritime expertise, we improve crew and cargo safety. This service provides ship information reports over surfaces and places defined by the user, either as one image or on a regular basis.

OceanFinder offers a reliable service capability through combined use of optical and radar sensors combined with maritime analytics:

  • SPOT 6/7 for daily collection with an ideal resolution to identify larger ships and detect/classify small to medium sized vessels.
  • Pléiades very high-resolution imagery allows detection of small vessels and identification of larger vessels. Context information on the vessels’ activity can be extracted.
  • Radar Constellation for near real-time detection of small to large vessels, independent of cloud cover and lighting conditions, a semi-automated detection capability allows for rapid delivery.


Key features

  • Self-selection of the appropriate product depending on the kind of ship to be detected/identified.
  • Enhanced AIS data correlation to identify the precise location of a non-responding vessel in near real-time.
  • Fully-automated detection and classification of vessels.
  • Route prediction and projected location of vessels.
  • Satellite sensor activation with the relevant priority to ensure a successful mission.
  • Report delivery, including AIS signal correlation to pinpoint non collaborative vessels.

Your advantages with OceanFinder

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

More effectively manage your fleet

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Ensures increased safety in hostile waters

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Assists with search and rescue efforts

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Route prediction and projected location of vessels

What our customers say


"Thanks to Airbus’ OceanFinder, the service allowed us to identify the location of the capsized Maxi Banque Populaire IX which was missing off the Portuguese coast during the Route du Rhum nautical race in November 2018".


Ronan Lucas,
Team Director,
Banque Populaire 

Ronan Lucas - Banque Populaire


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