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Smart Maritime solutions for safer oceans

Maritime Surveillance has become a huge challenge, specifically in regions where maritime traffic represents the major economic interest with potential threats or sources of illegal activities such as smuggling, illegal immigration or maritime piracy.
It is crucial for law enforcement, border and security authorities, fisheries management agencies etc to optimise the use of traditional surveillance means such as patrol vessels and aircrafts which are becoming a limited resource for large-scale areas with various activities to be monitored.
With our extensive satellite constellation and in-house maritime expertise, we are in a unique position to provide real-time and non-real time extended remote monitoring services, systems and solutions to the maritime market to improve safety and security of ocean assets.
"Maritime Domain Awareness …the effective understanding of anything associated within the global maritime domain that could impact the security, safety, economy or environment of a Nation."

Our combination of imagery and analytics services provides customers with detailed surveillance information and maritime intelligence such as:

  • Maritime situational awareness
  • Ship detection, classification and identification reports
  • Route monitoring and fleet management
  • AIS correlation through partnerships with leading SAT-AIS providers
  • Detect patterns of illegal behaviour at sea such as illegal fishing, narco-traffic, immigration, piracy
  • Support for naval forces and aerial operations for the interception of enemy boats
  • Maritime pollution monitoring
  • Assist with search & rescue activities such as hijacking
  • Environmental impacts such as plastic pollution, gulf weed and sea level rises

Our services in Maritime


STYRIS helps to enforce border integrity and maritime sovereignty. It is dedicated to maritime surveillance and traffic monitoring, aimed at improving the safety of navigation as well as enhancing global security of the maritime domain.

Styris - Maritime Coastal Surveillance

I4D Maritime Services

I4D Explorer

GEOINT Data Management Systems

Our I4D product (Intelligence for Decision) suite is a powerful set of systems for multi-source data management, visualisation, analysis and fusion, allowing smart decision making.


Data is at the heart of everything today. Thus our approach has always been to offer multi-sensor, multi-resolution, multi-source data. We provide you with proprietary access to the largest commercial satellite constellation as well as a broad range of elevation products and precise layers and grids.

Sensors Mosaic

OneAtlas illustration


OneAtlas is the Airbus platform that enables easy and flexible access to constantly updated premium and archive imagery, value-added global layers, industry-specific insights, and innovative analytics that help empower you to get the data and insights you need, and grow your solutions.

Direct Receiving Station

Process your own products in full security and confidentiality

The Direct Receiving Station (DRS) enables a direct access to Airbus Defence and Space’s complete Earth observation satellite constellation.

Receiving Station Antenna


What our customers say

Ronan Lucas - Banque Populaire Team Director

"Thanks to Airbus’ maritime services, service allowed us we were able to identify the location of the capsized Maxi Banque Populaire IX which was missing off the Portuguese coast during the Route du Rhum nautical race in November 2018".

Ronan Lucas,
Team Director,
Banque Populaire

Bruno Sainte Rose,expert at Ocean Cleanup

“Coordination with the Airbus Tasking Team was a key factor in the success of our project, which combined programming, algorithms and navigation. This experience makes it possible to consider many new ways of improving the detection of offshore plastic.”

Bruno Sainte Rose,
Fluid Mechanic Expert,
The Ocean Cleanup

Commander Laurent Frayssignes, Commander Laurent Frayssignes

"Ensuring an informed vision of maritime activities in real-time throughout the national metropolitan territory is a technological prowess. We value the strong relationship that we have established over the years with Airbus and we count on Airbus team to continuously integrate technological advances to maintain our position at the cutting edge of innovation in the field of Maritime Surveillance. Improved and new capabilities will allow us to face new and bigger terms of protecting our maritime borders and perform coastal surveillance missions."

Commander Laurent Frayssignes,
Spationav program officer,
French Navy

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