Verify your forest impact with Starling, Airbus forest monitoring services

Verify your environmental impact with an unbiased forest monitoring tool

Starling supports organisations in their journey to curb deforestation. It has been designed to bring value to brands, traders, producers and institutions among other related stakeholders.

Together with Earthworm Foundation, we developed the Starling digital platform.

Starling allows you to monitor your environmental impact with reliable forest cover change analytics that detect deforestation. It uses a combination of optical and radar satellites, such as Copernicus Sentinel as well as Airbus’ SPOT satellite imagery, offering large coverage at 1.5m resolution.

What’s in Starling?


The Basemap depicts natural forest and the main landscape features over 20 year time series. This allows you to focus on areas that matter the most for you to drive and follow-up actions to achieve impact.


The Monitoring identifies forest cover change and raises alerts every quarter and provides an overview of the size and the dynamics of deforestation.

Online Dashboard

The Dasbord gives you access to key analytics to determine priority areas where to take action, even over vast supply-sheds.

Starling Airbus tool

Who Starling can support?

All businesses across the supply chain

Objective and timely data at the right level of detail for all businesses across the supply chain to support decision making and action, whilst ensuring traceability.

Public Institutions & local authorities

Reliable and scalable solutions to support land use planning and policy enforcement whilst ensuring sustainable deforestation-free supply chains for products, as well as certification.


Full forest cover change mapping, at scale with analytics depicting objective land use change over long time series.

Academics and research

Data layers at scale to leverage for further data modeling purposes and R&D on overarching topics such as carbon retention and climate.

Starling is continuously innovating, we’re actively working to address furthers areas of interest, additional commodities, as well as replanting activities and assessing carbon stocks.



Key features

Best accuracy

In-house algorithms with unrivalled accuracy to detect deforestation and guarantee quality.

Fit for action

Customised dashboard featuring where end-users stand with respect to no-deforestation verified supply chains, with a full overview of deforestation alerts, meaningful analytics and evidence-based reporting.

Global monitoring

Worldwide coverage with already 7 million square km of land mapped out covering close to 100% of Palm Oil production areas, main cocoa production regions as well as large portions of productive forests globally, from tropics up to boreal areas.


Digital and intuitive platform with numerous interactive features and downloadable reports.


Your advantages with Starling

High Accuracy Icon

Identify deforestation risks and drivers

Understand the rate of deforestation in particular areas.

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Verify commitments and take action

Guide decision-making to save time and cost by focusing on key areas.

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Engage relevant stakeholders

Ensure engagement across a variety of supply chains.

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Measure impacts

Demonstrate progress and communicate transparently about it.

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