Environmental perils property risk visualisation tool

Helps to empower finance and insurance with location insights and future intelligence

Risk assessment is a key task for mortgage lenders, conveyancers, property surveyors, valuers, reinsurers and insurance underwriters. They are reliant on data at all stages of the investment process. Each party has different processes, with differing risk assessment criteria, designed to meet specific risk appetites. The failure to understand a parties assessment criteria could result in decisions based on assumptions and undisclosed information.

To help avoid unnecessary additional financial costs, business risk and delays to the customer, Airbus has used its capabilities in multisource data management to develop a suite of geospatial products and services to support lending and insurance decision making.

SpatiaCore helps to make efficient and accurate risk assessments, support business decisions in the context of existing concentration density and climate change, and improvements to key processes. SpatiaCore delivers multiple global geospatial datasets from industry specialists, to reduce uncertainties and risks for the property insurer, owner, vendor and lender.

Airbus manages and supplies multiple global geospatial datasets such as:

  • Flood information
  • Subsidence information, including non-repudiated subsidence claims where available
  • Other environmental perils include: wind, tropical storms and cyclones, wildfire, coldwave, heat, drought and coastal erosion
  • Climate change information
  • Open data available on a country by country basis. For example, GB data available includes: British Geological Survey (BGS), Ordnance Survey OpenData (including property references and locations), Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), coastal erosion
  • Your own data, which may include property surveys or the addition of triaging and risk rules applied to data
  • Earth observation imagery and analytics.



Key features

  •  Access to multiple environmental perils and global geospatial datasets from leading specialists at property level
  • Property portfolio risk analysis with geographic concentrations of existing risk exposure
  • Insights from Earth observation data to support Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria 
  • Multiple delivery options available through SpatiaCore Link, SpatiaCore API, SpatiaCore View.
  • Climate change analysis for internal, external and regulatory reporting
  • Data and support enabling process improvement with triaging and application of bespoke business rules


Your advantages with SpatiaCore

Effective & Fast - Icon

Support for decision making

A centralised data solution to help improve the decision making process

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Support for reducing portfolio risk

Evaluate the future of your portfolio as well as your ESG impact by assessing the risk of your assets using our products, services and Earth observation imagery and analytics

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Helps to improve efficiency

Receive help for climate change regulation reporting and internal reporting by combining our reliable data sources with support from our professionals

User friendliness - Icon

Improve customer experience

Improve the customer experience by reducing the delay in insurance and mortgage application decisions


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