Holographic Tactical Sandbox allows decision-makers to continue interacting with their environment and staff
Holographic Tactical Sandbox

Augmented Reality mission preparation

Operation planning has to become faster, more accurate than ever. The Augmented Reality technology can provide several competitive advantages over traditional training and rehearsal.

An innovative solution

The Holographic Tactical Sandbox is designed for use in mission preparation, mission briefing and rehearsal, based on a 3D holographic map viewable in an Augmented Reality helmet. This tool provides an accurate representation of the battlefield using information supplied by Fortion© Tactical C2 application.

A collaborative tool

Augmented Reality allows decision-makers to continue interacting with their environment and staff. Integrated into the chain of command, operators can view and create information, which is then shared with higher decision-making levels. In addition, operators no longer need to process the data and information they receive, allowing to focus on more value-added tasks. Plus, a remote access capability allows operators to connect and take part in mission preparation by viewing and interacting on the same map with the same data from a distant location.

An agile system

By facilitating operations planning and decision-making, this innovation shortens the observation and decision making loop. In addition, this lightweight, ergonomic and compact technology offers many other advantages: savings are generated by cutting the logistics necessary to implement complex, heavy data sets. Even more important: it reduces the time needed to prepare rehearsal.

Holographic tactical sandbox a collaborative tool

Key features

  • Augmented Reality technology
  • Multi format DEM, vector and satellite imagery data support
  • APP6 and NVG Support
  • Interoperable with the Fortion® Tactical C2

Your advantages with Holographic Tactical Sandbox

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Better understanding with real 3D map
Improved cooperation_1 - Icon

A collaborative tool for improved operation planning

User friendliness - Icon

Easy-to-use and easy to move

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Remote access capabilities

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