Airbus provides capability-oriented training, operational training and simulations. Each training programme can be tailored to your needs in the key domains Remote Sensing, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), Situation Assessment, Decision Making and Smart Action Support.

We also offer easy-to-use and immersive simulations such as Fortion® SIMFAC, a virtual simulation solution for fire support training and Fortion® Holographic Tactical Sandbox, a tool designed for use in mission preparation, based on a 3D holographic map viewable in an Augmented Reality helmet.



Improve your operational effectiveness thanks to our training and simulation systems

Training: achieve operational effectiveness

Training generates value beyond systems and contributes to the development, enhancement and improvement of operational capabilities. It is not just about technology. Having people and teams equipped with the right skills and capabilities is essential to use our systems and solutions effectively.

Airbus Defence Solutions training academy

Fortion SIMFAC- Virtual Simulation Training

Fortion SIMFAC: a virtual simulation solution for fire support training

Fortion SIMFAC training system is based on a virtual simulation. It offers the bridge between the classroom and the expensive logistics of live training. SIMFAC provides sensors, communications and weapons simulations within immersive weather, realistic terrain and complex human and tactical scenarios.