Field camp planned and constructed using the Airbus Planning and Exploration Tool (PET)
Planning and Exploration Tool

Construction planning for deployable infrastructures

The Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) takes efficient construction planning for the quick and easy deployment of mobile infrastructures, including the technical infrastructure, to the next level.

The construction planning for deployable facilities such as field camps, command posts, medical facilities and other mobile systems can be a challenge for the construction manager. Depending on the mission and the local situation, a suitable arrangement of individual components must be chosen from a variety of construction variants.

Planning and Exploration Tool - Coverbild

Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) for deployable infrastructures

Planning and Exploration Tool: field hospital 3D view

Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) 3D view of layout

This construction configuration can guarantee a smooth operational, logistical or medical process, taking into account the optimum utilisation of resources whilst significantly reducing planning periods.

To master this task, the Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) allows fast, easy and automatic implementation of the construction planning process, including the technical infrastructure. The programme contains all the components (containers, tents, supply elements, etc.) that are required for the construction of a mobile facility.

The holistic approach of PET allows the planning of a fully functional facility in a few steps and in a very short time.

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A major advantage is the possibility of 2D and 3D visual representation:

  • Two-dimensional plan
  • Three-dimensional facility which is virtually accessible and can be seen from different angles
  • Three-dimensional facility projected to the geo-referenced satellite image of the planned place of operation


Key features

  • Automated planning of the complete technical infrastructure, e.g. positioning of heaters, air conditioning and tank units
  • Compliance with safety and construction regulations by included rules and plausibility checks
  • Automatic laying of power lines, water and sewage pipes, telephone and network wires with regards to the minimum material requirements. It also includes the planning of escape routes including automatic positioning of emergency exits, smoke detectors and fire alarm systems
  • Computer-aided training programme for the instruction of construction supervisors

Your advantages with Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) solutions

Effective & Fast - Icon

Quick and

Time-efficient construction planning of deployable infrastructures

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Reduced Complexity

Fully automated set-up configuration thanks to integrated set-up rules
User friendliness - Icon

Reliable and Consistent

Integrated plausibility rules ensure consistent, complete and viable set-up and operation

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