Airbus Integrated Logistics Support ensures complex systems are available and operational throughout the entire lifecycle
Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Ensuring life-long availability of systems in operation

Integrated Logistic Support experts advise on the optimum design of complex systems to ensure maintainability, reliability, testability (RMT), reduce life-cycle costs (LCC), and improve availability.

Our products and systems are built to last with product life-cycles typically running for 20-30 years or even longer. It is, therefore, decisive to keep these complex systems performing, available, and operational in a cost-efficient way throughout their entire product life-cycle.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is a process that supports complex systems or products from design to production to operation. With decades of experience, we are a trusted partner in this initial and crucial stage. Our ILS experts guarantee that the system is adapted to your operational concept. From the outset, our teams are involved and find the right balance between system design, system availability, and associated life-cycle costs. Potential impacts on the system are anticipated and reduced to a minimum. Required spare parts are diligently planned for and administered to ensure availability at all times until the system is phased out. Complying with international specifications and standards, ILS activities include comprehensive technical documentation (S1000D), the data basis for material management (S2000M), training, preparation for the In-Service Support phase as well as obsolescence management for the operational phase. As a result, costs are transparent and controllable throughout the product life-cycle.

Along with the respective integrated processes and quality standards, Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is an inherent part of our business system.



Key features

  • Service concept based on ConOps
  • Reliability, Maintainability, Testability (RMT) analysis
  • Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Service solution design
  • Life-cycle Cost analysis and management (LCC)
  • Technical data and publications

Your advantages with Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Cost efficient - Icon

Achieve Cost Efficiency

by optimising system and product life-cycle costs

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Available and Operational

Optimised maintenance and logistics support extending the system’s life-span

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Facilitated Operation

due to comprehensive technical documentation

Effective & Fast - Icon

to last

by planning for all potential impacts caused by obsolescences from the start


  • RIFAN2 (French Navy)
  • NUMTACT (French Army)
  • IDZ (German Army)
  • FGBADS (Dutch Army)
  • IMESS (Swiss Army)
  • HELIOS and SAR-LUPE (European Defence)
  • EAGLE VISION program (US Government)
  • MEV, DEUKA, Typ5, MSE, OSRK, SAMOC for German customers

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