In-Service Support is your one-stop-solution for all your service requirements
In-Service Support

Optimal availability of your systems during their entire life-cycle

Airbus Intelligence assists you during the in-service support phase and beyond, offering the most efficient systems/products´ performance to the users to ensure long-term operational readiness.

We have long-standing experience with both national and international large-scale customer projects and diverse framework agreements. With our In-Service Support we help you keep your systems at peak performance and optimal availability during their entire life-cycle.

Our expert service teams ensure regular maintenance and repair of all systems and products such as military mobile hospitals, oxygen generators, air-conditioning systems, deployable workstations through to container-based protected transportation, as well as aircraft ground equipment. These services can be fully tailored to your requirements, including your contractually agreed service intervals as well as your hardware system and software needs. In-Service Support is your one-stop-solution for all demands around your systems.



Key features

Hardware & software maintenance and repair service

  • Preventive and predictive hardware maintenance
  • Corrective and adaptive software maintenance
  • On-site (worldwide)
  • Industry-level maintenance (on Airbus' site)

Spare parts management

  • Analysis of spare parts to identify the type and quantity of all parts required in order to support systems, including development of a specific spares model optimised for business needs
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHST)

Obsolescence management

  • Obsolescence Management toolset including assessment, Obsolescence Monitoring & Reporting
  • Ensuring that obsolescence is managed as an integral part of design, development, production and in-service support

Post-design services

Depending on your requirements, we offer fixed catalogue services or services tailored to your project to keep your systems running throughout their life-cycle. This also includes systems of third party providers ensuring one point of contact for all your service requirements.

Incident management

Your advantages with In-Service Support

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon


Efficient order processing using framework agreements

High quality & Reliability - Icon


Preventive maintenance for optimal system performance

Cost efficient - Icon


Individual service concepts reduce total life-cycle costs

Scalable to user need - Icon


Established processes ensure that your quality standards are met CAGE code D2714


Our core competencies:

  • Frame contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Post-design service
  • Development support
  • Software maintenance
  • Service catalogue for Armed Forces

They build the foundation for the following reference projects:

  • Military mobile hospitals (containers, shelters)
  • Oxygen generator
  • Mobile energy and air-conditioning (DEUKA, MEV, EVC)
  • Deployable workstations (BKT, GefStdTrp, GIADS, EUA, Link16)
  • Protected transportation (container, vehicles, TransProtec®)
  • Aircraft ground equipment (AGE) (air force, army, navy)
  • Sub-projects of international programs (EF2000, Mantis, AGS, AWACS, MARS)

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