Fortion® TransHospital® role 2 mobile rescue centre for top-quality medical care
Fortion® TransHospital® Solutions

Demanding medical solutions - Tailored to your needs

Fortion® TransHospital® solutions support both military and disaster relief missions, providing mobile solutions for all aspects of the medical rescue chain.

The changing nature of missions and operations from international crisis management to national and collective defence, new threats such as pandemics as well as environmentally challenging conditions require medical solutions to become highly mobile, modular, rapidly deployable, ruggedised, and lighter in weight whilst providing full functionality and the sufficient level of protection. Our solutions ensure the best medical care of the wounded, regardless of numbers, while at the same time, offering a safe and protected working environment for medical personnel.

Designing, developing and realising such solutions is a complex undertaking. Airbus is an experienced, trusted, and reliable partner for all your requirements along the medical rescue chain, providing sustainable and long-lasting mobile medical solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Fortion TransHospital solutions include, but are not limited to medical evacuation kits for vehicles, role 1, 2, and 3 medical facilities, tactic and strategic air medevac solutions, air deployable rescue centres, patient decontamination systems, transportation of infectious patients, medical C2 and even airborne and space-based solutions.


Key features

  • Fully integrated and highly sophisticated system solutions for all aspects of the medical rescue chain
  • Modular, variable and expandable allowing for a wide range of treatment options and therapies. In addition to comprehensive surgical interventions, Fortion TransHospital also has facilities to stabilise patients until medical evacuation takes place.
  • Self-sustained units including power, fresh-water and waste-water tanks

Your advantages with Fortion TransHospital solutions

Safety first (human) - Icon

Save lives

Ensure best possible medical care wherever and whenever needed and improve the chances of the patient’s recovery

Effective & Fast - Icon

One-stop solution

No matter how complex your requirement is, we help you realise a fully integrated solution

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Experienced experts ensure trusted collaboration with all participating partners from design to realisation
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Protected and sustainable

Maintain patient and personnel in a protected and self-sustainable medical environment during evacuation and treatment


  • Deployable field hospitals (Germany, Slovenia, Spain, UAE, Thailand, Singapore)
  • Medical evacuation kits for vehicles
  • Air deployable rescue centres (LLRZ for Germany)
  • Patient decontamination systems (Germany)
  • Transportation of infectious patients (studies)

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