For more than 30 years we have provided turn-key solutions for the provision of the necessary equipment and systems for defence missions in key countries.

Applying the highest safety standards, we deliver deployable military solutions such as medical and sanitary facilities, mobile command post shelter solutions, protected transportation of troops, wounded, sensitive equipment and materials.

Our deployable solutions tailored to your needs

Demanding medical solutions exactly where you need them

Fortion® TransHospital® solutions support both military and disaster relief missions, providing state-of-the-art mobile solutions for all aspects of the medical rescue chain.

The changing nature of missions and operations from international crisis management to national and collective defence, new threats such as pandemics as well as environmentally challenging conditions require medical solutions to become highly mobile, modular, rapidly deployable, ruggedised, and lighter in weight whilst providing full functionality and the sufficient level of protection. Our solutions ensure the best medical care of the wounded, regardless of numbers, while at the same time, offering a safe and protected working environment for medical personnel.

Fortion TransHospital mobile rescue centre


Fortion TransProtec protected container layout

Protected transportation in hazardous areas

Armed forces and civilian organisations are engaged in international peacekeeping missions in crisis areas worldwide. Logistics transport missions are always exposed to certain dangers, for example on unsecured roads between secured camps and airports.

To face this potential danger and ensure the best possible protection, we have developed the innovative and flexible Fortion® TransProtec® container system, which offers optimal protection according to STANAG 4569 Level 3 against attacks from explosives, sniper fire, shell fragments and mines.

Deploying your IT to the field - reliable, protected and autonomous

Fortion® Mobile Command Posts are expandable or non-expandable containers or shelters, offering up to 27m² floor surface for up to twelve workstations.

Designed to protect modern IT systems and make a major contribution to reducing the defect and failure rate, they can be deployed on the ground as well as on vehicles fit for 20' ISO containers.

Fortion® Mobile Command Post