Fortion®SuRVIn STIC Product Suite for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Fortion® SuRVIn STIC

The solution for country-wide strategic ISR and strategic ISR on-board of aircraft

Fortion® SuRVIn STIC is a combat proven, strategic ISR solution, capable of gathering information from a network of numerous of different surveillance sensors and to establish and distribute a shared situational awareness picture in real-time.

Fortion SuRVIn STIC can be easily connected to numerous sensors and systems, and will automatically collect and process various forms of real-time data, e.g. from radar, Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and optical sensors, as well as non-real time data, in a networked LAN/WAN environment. The Multi-Source Integration (MSI) of Fortion SuRVIn STIC fuses all available information pertaining to one object, and performs automatic identification and classification.

The Common Relevant Operational Picture (CROP) of all objects (ground, air, sea and space) can be shared with all participants in a secure way. It offers situation analysis and early warning, simulation and training capabilities.

Graphic Situational Awareness - Fortion® SuRVIn STIC

Fortion SuRVIn STIC is very flexible and scalable and can be used on a single laptop, as well as on a country-wide IT infrastructure.

Fortion SuRVIn STIC provides information to users according to their individual roles and based on a ‘publish and subscribe’ model. The same SuRVIn STIC solution can be used at all levels of operation and command, providing in each case the required level of detail.

Ultimately, Fortion SuRVIn STIC provides a key contribution towards information superiority.

Fortion SuRVIn STIC provides comprehensive Situational Awareness at national borders and any area of interest, either from the ground, sea or from an ISR aircraft (e.g. on-board of an airborne early warning and control AEW&C platform) and thus ensures territorial integrity at sea, on land and in the air.


Key features

  • Real-time, Multi-Source Integration of all available data to provide accurate Situational Awareness (strategic air, land, maritime Recognised Operational Picture)

  • Multi-source data fusion of radar, ELINT, COMINT, AIS, ADS-B, TDL, GMTI, optical, mission data, etc. As well as identification and classification

  • Tactical Data Links (Link16, JREAP)

  • Unique approach combining real-time ISR capabilities with artificial intelligence and smart data analytics

  • Multi-Domain ISR: air, ground, sea and space

  • Provides superior situational awareness under real-time conditions to every level of operations and command


Fortion SuRVIn STIC onboard surveillance

Capture-Fake country zone

Fortion SuRVIn STIC nation-wide surveillance


Your advantages with Fortion SuRVIn STIC

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Combat Cloud architecture ensures multi-level redundancy
Scalable to user need - Icon
Very scalable, easily extendible and upgradeable, Service-Oriented Architecture
Improved cooperation - Icon

Interoperable with other forces

User friendliness - Icon
Combat proven, NATO accredited and ITAR-free

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