SurvIN ABI - data - sensor - real-time situational awareness - surveillance - reconnaissance - visualisation - intelligence

Fortion® SuRVIn ABI

Activity-Based Intelligence for enhanced decision making

Fortion® SuRVIn ABI provides information superiority by enhancing real-time ISR systems with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities for faster and more efficient decision making.

Fortion® SuRVIn (Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Visualisation, Intelligence) ABI (Activity-Based Intelligence) enhances real-time ISR systems with new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities.

ISR systems such as Fortion® SuRVIn STIC or Fortion® SuRVIn cPED collect and process data from multiple sensors, for example: radar (primary, IFF, passive), ELINT, COMINT, AIS, ADS-B, TDL, GMTI, optical and video sensors.

The new data analysis methodology of SuRVIn ABI uniquely combines the real-time Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities of Fortion SuRVIn STIC or Fortion SuRVIn cPED with new analytical intelligence data techniques.

SuRVIn ABI helps ISR operators to cope with the ever-increasing amount of data from more sensors and from more and more potential targets moving at higher speed.

SuRVIn ABI improves the situational awareness in the field of Defence and Security and contributes to the decision superiority at every level of operations and command, be it strategic, operational or tactical.

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SuRVIn ABI can be provided:

  • Integrated within the Fortion® SuRVIn set of networked real-time surveillance applications, as complete surveillance mission system, on an ISR platform or in a shelter
  • Integrated with any legacy ISR system
  • As a standalone software suite with a web interface, running on servers or in a public or private cloud
Fortion SuRVIn ABI data anlytics for better decision making
Fortion SuRVIn ABI smart data anlytics for better decision making
Fortion SuRVIn ABI delivers Activity-Based Intelligence
Fortion SuRVIn ABI delivers Activity-Based Intelligence
Fortion SuRVIn ABI surveillance solution
Alerting and activity pattern detection on real-time moving objects


Key features

  • Automatic collection, storage and analysis of big data in real-time
  • Detecting objects and Areas of Interest.
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Activity pattern recognition
  • Anomaly detection and alerting
  • Prediction and anticipation

Your advantages with Fortion SuRVIn ABI

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Provides superior multi-domain (air, ground, sea) situational awareness under real-time conditions

Effective & Fast_1 - Icon

Faster and more efficient surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) ensures improved decision making efficiency

User friendliness - Icon

Adaptable and extensible to individual needs and changing technologies

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