Airbus Intelligence transform huge volume of heterogeneous data into key information for action and decision
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Transform a vast amount of heterogeneous data into key information for action and decision.


Changes to the strategic environment, threat complexity and data explosion demand an innovative approach for intelligence systems and services we provide to our customers (ministries of defence, intelligence agencies, international organisations, maritime and border security, NATO, air forces etc.).
With 30+ years of experience in Earth Observation, geo- information services and defence systems, we are engaged in the most ambitious defence and security programmes and address all domains: land, sea, air, space and cyber.

Always focussing on the challenges our customers face and their specific needs, we continuously develop our wide range of products, services and solutions portfolio. Thanks to our solutions, you can:

  • Collect a vast amount of heterogeneous data from multiple sensors,
  • Perform automatic correlation and fusion of different sources coming from mono-Intelligence,
  • Receive and share relevant and reliable information quickly,
  • Build a comprehensive, common and shared understanding of complex operating environments to provide decision makers with the right decision tools in due time,
  • Work with interoperable and secured systems and solutions.

Our pioneering solutions currently integrate new technologies, new processes and new ecosystems providing:

  • ABILITY to master big data, cloud, micro-services, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning,
  • CAPACITY for ISR applications, to perform collection and processing of information from multiple heterogeneous sources and data, provide insights, visualisation, alerts, analysis and fusion, build and create knowledge and intelligence, disseminate intelligence, whilst allowing rapid referencing and retrieval of information,
  • IMPROVEMENT of ways of working through agile developments in order to respect budget constraints and reduce development cycles,
  • RESPECT of the regulation (GPDR) and guarantee of security access and dissemination (need to know management),
  • FOCUS on innovation and collaborative work in an ecosystem of partners, (start-ups, universities, SMEs and other partners across our markets) to develop the solutions for the future.

This approach guarantees that our solutions are at the cutting edge of what is possible to answer our customers’ challenging and ever-evolving needs.


Trusted solutions and services have been developed to support you in your digital transformation, on a daily basis as well as for your most critical missions

From big data to smart data with artificial intelligence

Managing AI is a real issue of national sovereignty, especially for priority sectors such as defence and security.
AI can effectively make a big difference when it comes to military superiority, which is why it has been implemented by Airbus in the Intelligence field across the Fortion® Massive Intelligence platform. AI is also used throughout the intelligence cycle for planning (optimising the number of requests), collection (automatic allocation of tasks or collections zones), processing/use (automatic extraction of intelligence from images/videos and texts, automatic generation of reports and automatic correlation/fusion of data) and data dissemination (intelligent distribution of information).

Massive Intelligence statistical view

Automatic detection recognition identification on strategic sites

Increasing your IMINT capabilities

Analyse more images thanks to Artificial Intelligence: this is now possible with OneAtlas Defence Site Monitoring, which provides strategic site surveillance for intelligence organisations using our premium imagery and Preligens’ analytics. As security threats continue to intensify worldwide, monitoring an increasing number of risk-adverse sites in strategic and remote locations is critical.
We offer a unique service capable of automatically detecting and counting mobile military objects such as aircrafts and ships, directly on imagery in a matter of minutes. Areas of Interest are also automatically monitored thus giving more time to analysts to focus on higher added value analysis while being able to exploit more imagery data.

Preligens is a French start-up developing AI solutions for Defence

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