Airbus Multi-INT Centres provide assured and timely intelligence products
Multi-INT Centres

Manage the full intelligence cycle

Airbus Multi-INT Centres provide assured and timely intelligence products and elaborate the Common Intelligence Picture (CIP).

Our large and bespoke Multi-Intelligence Centres are tailored to specific customers’ needs (objectives, organisation, maturity, etc.). They include tools to perform the Intelligence Requirement Management and Collection Management (IRM & CM), the collection of multi-source information, the analysis and fusion of that information, the dissemination of intelligence to those who require it and its storage in databases that facilitate rapid referencing and retrieval.

The Airbus Multi-INT Centres solution provide the intelligence community within the armed forces, all the tools needed for managing the full Intelligence cycle.

The system will mainly be responsible for:

  • Providing assured and timely intelligence products (reports, assessments, intelligence and warnings, alerts…) to meet Commanding Officers intelligence needs thanks to the correlation of multi-source intelligence.
  • Elaborating the Common Intelligence Picture (CIP), which is to be integrated in the Common Operational Picture (COP) and thus providing a shared common view of the operational intelligence environment, contributing to common knowledge about the enemy across all armed forces levels of command.

Our Multi-INT solution can be deployed at different hierarchical levels (strategic, operational, and tactical) and on networks with varied security levels.

Multi INT centres full intelligence cycle

Key features

  • Capable of handling, merging and synthetising all sources of intelligence
  • Fully compliant with NATO standards
  • Can be tailored and customised to specific needs of a given intelligence organisation
  • Multi-Int knowledge building through data structuration
  • GEOINT visualisation
  • Intelligence production

Your advantages with Multi-INT Centres

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon
Management of the full intelligence cycle
User friendliness - Icon
Improved intelligence-led operations
Different data sources, sensors - Icon
Supporting better interoperability of armed forces and multilateral cooperation

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