Intelligence centres allowing fusion of multi-source data and geospatial analysis
IMINT and GEOINT Centres

Fully packaged IMINT and GEOINT capabilities

Defence decisions rely on up-to-date intelligence using relevant multi-source datasets. This requires innovative tools, which allow for the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of available information to give decision-makers the ability to quickly see details and/or an overview of a situation.

We have packaged together a set of entry level offers of Geospatial Intelligence Centres, focusing on IMINT, OSINT and GEOINT capabilities. The offer is modular and allows the centres to grow according to your specific requirements.

Our customer-centric Intelligence Centres are complete solutions combining:

  • Access to our imagery products
  • Our defence information services
  • Processing and analysis tools for a wide range of intelligence disciplines (IMINT, OSINT, GEOINT, SIGINT)
  • Training and support


Key features

The offer is based on 5 components:

  • Basic GEOINT Centre: Miniature GEOINT platform including I4D software, a mini I4D Data Centre for data collection, cataloguing, storage and dissemination
  • Primary GEOINT Centre: Built on the basic GEOINT Centre offer, includes a larger and highly secured platform
  • Extended Intelligence Centres: Large and bespoke multi-intelligence centres tailored to your specific needs (objectives, organisation, maturity,…)

Your advantages with IMINT and GEOINT Centres

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

State-of-the-art processing and data power

User friendliness - Icon

Long term relationships: when implementing our solutions we train, assist and help ensuring you get maximum value

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Modular and bespoke: solutions that grow with your specific requirements

Customer support & training - Icon

Guaranteed usefulness: our solutions are built around your needs and come with a 1-year warranty, training and support

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