Fusion and Correlation of multi-source intelligence
I4D - Intelligence for Decision

From multi-source data to GEOINT analysis and Common Intelligence Picture (CIP)

Decision makers now have access to a variety of data sources to base their decisions upon. This may seem like an advantage, however in reality it creates more of a challenge: the amount of data made available keeps increasing, these are multi-source with different technical characteristics and do not bring the same level of information.

Alone they may not mean anything, but fused together they provide valuable insight: intelligence reports contribute to the Common Intelligence Picture. Making the best informed decisions means relying on data that is reliable and understandable.

With Intelligence for Decision (I4D), we can provide a powerful set of solutions for geospatial analysis of multi-source data and intelligence report production in one single interface.

Easy-to-use expert tool

I4D allows the fusion and correlation of information from image intelligence (IMINT), signal intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT) and open-source intelligence (OSINT). This has been designed to support intelligence agencies including joint and armed forces intelligence units (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Based on a virtual globe, I4D is designed to provide analysts with the tools to visualise, fuse and correlate geospatial and time-tagged data. A reporting module enables generation of reports directly via the interface.

I4D Explorer - Desktop application

I4D is a software installed on the user’s computer. Functions include fluid visualisation, data management (import, access, search and filtering), analysis and advanced processing, and reporting.

Airbus I4D screenshot refinery

Key features

  • Virtual globe and embedded timeline
  • Report creation module
  • Profile management with authorisation check
  • Data storage with profile management and cloud data storage capability

Your advantages with I4D

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Over 3000+ users worldwide

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Easy-to-use, intuitive expert tool: single interface from collection to report production

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Data compatible with OGC standards and other geospatial formats
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Tailored GEOINT training available

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