Fortion IKDB is a relational structured intelligence knowledge database

Who? Why? What? When? Where?
Populate and exploit your Knowledge DataBase.

Fortion® IKDB is an interactive, structured intelligence knowledge database enabling analysts to capitalise, visualise and exploit knowledge produced from raw information in order to deduce actionable intelligence.

It can be associated with Mono-Int and GEOINT exploitation tools and allows analysis by evaluating collected information, comparing sources, correlating knowledge objects/entities, interpreting knowledge - all thanks to a powerful relational graph display and analysis tool.

Fortion IKDB allows the identification and the capitalisation of relevant information in a structured format so that any key details and weak signals can be revealed among the mass of data and contribute to the Common Intelligence Picture (CIP).

The multi-intelligence analyst can store, retrieve, search and correlate numerous different data, information and intelligence reports from various sources and formats in order to build knowledge thanks to an easy-to-use interface and infrastructure software.

Fortion IKDB also gives context through additional perspective (contextual, geo-temporal, relational, statistical, GEOINT), for permanent knowledge building and capitalisation to produce actionable Intelligence.

At the end of the multi-source analysis process, the multi-intelligence analyst is able to produce intelligence layers and tactical situation. Furthermore, Fortion IKDB provides integrated access to the Coalition Shared Dataserver (Fortion® CSD) and the Intelligence Requirement Management and Collection Management (IRM & CM) tool through an interface with I4D.

Intelligence Requirement Management and Collection Management (IRM & CM) tool (Fortion® Workflow) through an interface with I4D.

Fortion IKDB graph view

Key Features

  • Interoperable with mono intelligence applications, compliant with NATO standards
  • Military intelligence data model based on NATO MIP Information Model (MIM)
  • Integrated with the GEOINT analysis tool I4D to conduct GEOINT analysis


Your advantages with Fortion IKDB

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Support CIP development: continuous capitalisation and knowledge building for the intelligence organisation in a complex threat context

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Ready to integrate automatic population and correlation functions


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