Defence and security decision-makers rely on up-to-date intelligence and the ability to leverage all available data sets to make informed assessments. This requires innovative tools, which allow for the collation, processing, analysis and refining of available information to give decision makers the ability to quickly see an overview of a situation or a detail.
We are the expert in intelligence integration with decades of experience and references from key ministries across Europe and around the globe. Our team of intelligence specialists constantly develops and refines customer-centric systems to ensure customer challenges are answered with the right solutions. This is particularly important in times where new challenges, such as the integration of big data into the intelligence process gain relevance.

The most operationally advanced Multi-Intelligence solution for Armed Forces


Fully modular solutions that grow with your needs

We provide Geospatial Intelligence Centres: secure platforms bringing multiple intelligence sources together, giving you the visibility you need to make informed decisions. The Geospatial Intelligence Centres bring together imagery intelligence (IMINT) from satellite, aerial and drone images, open source intelligence (OSINT), as well as geospatial intelligence (GEOINT). In addition, signal or human intelligence can easily be imported and fused with other intelligence information by the GEOINT cell.

Airbus Intelligence geospatial intelligence centres

Multi INT centres full intelligence cycle

Multi-INT Centres

Manage the full Intelligence cycle

With the explosion of available data, from an ever-growing plethora of sources, consolidating relevant information into a manageable solution is a major challenge for military leaders all over the world. To respond to this challenge, we have developed a complete Multi-Intelligence Solution which provides tools, functions and capabilities for intelligence operations, from strategic to tactical levels for the National Defence Intelligence community, in support of operations.
Based on the Fortion® Intelligence suite of integrated products, and fully compliant with NATO standards, our Multi-Intelligence Solution handles the Intelligence Requirement Management and Collection Management (IRM-CM), the collection of relevant intelligence from all sources (IMINT, ELINT, COMINT, OSINT,HUMINT), the processing and fusion of that information into a Common Intelligence Picture (CIP), the dissemination of intelligence to those who require it and its storage in secure databases that facilitate rapid referencing and retrieval.

Fortion® Workflow

Intelligence Requirement Management and Collection Management

Fortion Workflow is designed to permanently plan and conduct intelligence process to produce Intelligence Collection Plan (ICP) and Collection Exploitation Plan (CXP). It ensures that the correct intelligence products are produced and delivered at the right time in the right format for the right decision-maker. Fortion Workflow is the corner stone of an effective interface between the Intelligence cycle and Joint ISR through Intelligence Requirements Management and Collection Management (IRM and CM).

Fortion Workflow intelligence requirements management

Airbus I4D screenshot refinery


GEOINT Data Management System

I4D - Intelligence for Decision - is a powerful set of solutions for geospatial analysis of multi-source data and intelligence report production on one single interface. I4D allows the fusion and correlation of information from image intelligence (IMINT), signal intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT) and open-source intelligence (OSINT), allowing smart decision making. I4D is the backbone of our GEOINT offering based on imagery and map foundation layers.

Fortion® IKDB

Populate and exploit your Knowledge Data Base

Fortion IKDB is our relational structured Intelligence knowledge base enabling users to capitalise, visualise and exploit knowledge produced from raw information in order to deduce actionable intelligence. Fortion IKDB allows the identification and the capitalisation of relevant information in a structured format so that any key details and weak signals can be revealed among the mass of data and contribute to the Common Intelligence Picture (CIP).

Fortion IKDB graph view

Fortion CSD Easy to use

Fortion® CSD

Intelligence Management and Dissemination

Fortion CSD is our implementation of the NATO Coalition Shared Dataserver (CSD). It enables the storage, synchronisation and dissemination of multiple data formats, geospatial information and intelligence products, necessary to support the Intelligence Cycle across the strategic Areas of Interest in peace time and operations, during crisis or war, across multiple sites and military organisations’ intelligence databases. Fortion CSD constitutes the ultimate glue between all processes and tasks of the Intelligence Cycle and the Joint ISR process.