Fortion Media mining provides advanced data exploitation for Intelligence
Open Source Intelligence Software

Advanced data exploitation for intelligence

Open Source Intelligence Software collects processes and analyses huge amounts of unstructured data coming from open intelligence or cyber sources with its dedicated exploitation and analysis capabilities

Open Source Intelligence Software supports the fight against asymmetric threats (terrorism, piracy, criminal organisations) and provides capabilities for the permanent survey of adversary countries or organisations to capitalise knowledge for improved decision making.

This software supports the big data challenge with advanced intelligence exploitation by collecting data and extracting relevant information from the Open Source (OSINT), dark web and deep web.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Open Source Intelligence Software allows automatic information extraction and automatic processing within the cloud, providing recognition of entities of interest (person, place, organisation, event, equipment), semantic analysis, automatic translation tools, speech to text, video / audio filtering, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and speaker identification.

It also provides visualisation tools such as dashboards to support the production of standardised intelligence reports and fosters a knowledge database structured according to the Intelligence Pentagram.

OSINT Software entity extraction
OSINT Software spatiotemporal view

While capitalising knowledge, the user benefits from advanced search functionalities such as advanced text search with facet, semantic search, visual search, multimedia search, spatial view of entities, network view of entities, information correlation and automatic entity extraction

It enables the detection of weak signals from varied sources to produce alerts along with the detection of connections between suspicious entities to identify criminal or terrorist organisations.

The valuable time saved allows users to focus on other value-added tasks.

Key features

  • Automatic or manual processing of text, image, audio and video content
  • Supports multiple languages and dialects (including rare forms) and provides automated translation
  • Capitalisation in our Fortion® IKDB (Intelligence Knowledge Database), offering advanced functionalities
  • Based on an open framework, easy integration in legacy systems


Your advantages with Open Source Intelligence Software

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Comprehensive solution for data processing

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Capability to support an internal repository of relevant information coming from open sources
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Compliant with military standards: STANAG 2433/AINTP-3(B)



  • French MoD
  • Military Intelligence Directorate
  • National Agency for the Security of Information services (ANSSI)
  • European Security projects


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