Fortion® RECCE Engine®

Identify mobile targets at first sight

Fortion® RECCE Engine® is an innovative software that supports an image interpreter in the recognition of mobile military equipment from features easy to distinguish or to measures in imagery or videos.

Fortion RECCE Engine intuitive interface

Fortion RECCE Engine sea equipment recognition tool.


Fortion® RECCE Engine provides capabilities that fit image analysts’ needs with full confidence in the identification of a given class of equipment (Navy, Army and Air Force) through a comprehensive database. Easy-to-use thanks to an intuitive and simple interface, it is also designed to be used in harsh conditions thanks to RECCE Touch option and its on-board feature with the touchscreen interface.

Fortion RECCE Engine user friendly recognition software

Fortion RECCE Engine identification and recognition of a given class of equipment.


This semi-automatic recognition tool is designed for intelligence services worldwide (already operational in over 50 organisations). It has been designed according to operational users feedback and is based on more than 15 years of experience in Image Intelligence (IMINT). It completes the Fortion® IMINT KDB® system, which is dedicated to infrastructure identification. Enrichment is possible thanks to RECCE Writer and Fortion® Image Analyst or Fortion® Image Analyst Lite.

Key features

  • More than 1,800 pieces of equipment and regular updates available (partnership with Geo4i)
  • Data model covering Navy, Army and Air Force and Strategic Weapon Systems
  • Connection to the Janes library (for Janes customers)
  • 3D visualisation of a given target under various lighting conditions
Fortion RECCE Engine writer interface

Your advantages with Fortion RECCE Engine

Different data sources, sensors - Icon
Automatic suppression of non-pertinent criteria
Scalable to user need - Icon
Evolutionary database thanks to smart completion of characteristics and import of specific content
User friendliness - Icon
User friendly man-to-machine interface
Cost efficient - Icon
Significant reduction of costs

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