Fortion Image Analyst Lite
Fortion® Image Analyst Lite

Boost your geospatial data capabilities

Fortion® Image Analyst Lite is an efficient solution designed to extract information from satellite images regardless of your experience in geographic imaging.

With state-of-the-art technology, Fortion Image Analyst Lite allows quick access to large amounts of data in a very simple way. Images of 20 GB in JPEG2000 or maps containing more than 100,000 objects are rapidly displayed, easily and quickly browsed, zoomed in and zoomed out.

With no complex pre-processing or pre-treatment, Fortion Image Analyst Lite allows you to analyse native satellite products and publish intelligence reports in standard formats. Using Fortion Image Analyst Lite is the quickest way to build an analysis report from geospatial data.

Fortion Image- Analyst Lite 3D perspective

Fortion Image Analyst Lite intuitive and powerful interface

Its intuitive and powerful interface results in a significant reduction of training time for every user within your organisation, making satellite data accessible to all end users and decision makers.

Key features

  • Major image file formats supported including GeoTIFF, NITF, JPEG2000, ECW, GeoPackage, JPEG, TIFF, USRP, ASRP, CADRG
  • Major vector file formats supported including Shapefile, KML, GDB, GeoPackage, GeoJSON, GPX, GML, OSM
  • Publication to Geospatial PDF, GeoPackage, JPEG2000, GeoTIFF, Shapefile, KML
  • High performance 3D preview
  • Compatible with the WMS/WMTS Map Server

Your advantages with Fortion® Image Analyst Lite

Effective & Fast - Icon

Reduce the time necessary to produce an intelligence report

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Use native satellite products of from the main providers

High Accuracy Icon

Recognise infrastructures and mobile targets when connected to RECCE Engine® and IMINT KDB®

User friendliness - Icon
Easy-to-learn, install, use and manage

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