Fortion® Workflow optimises sensor and exploitation systems used to fulfil a complex set of intelligence requirements in a multi-organisational environment under heavy time pressure. It is compliant with NATO doctrine for Intelligence Requirement Management and Collection Management (IRM & CM).

Fortion® Workflow monitors intelligence collection and exploitation to ensure requirements are answered in due time for decision making.

Fortion Workflow prioritises the intelligence requirements received from the commandment and tasks the intelligence assets accordingly. It contributes to information superiority and situational awareness thanks to the conversion of collection/exploitation requirements into collection/exploitation tasks. This conversion is enabled thanks to an effective Joint ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) and an efficient IRM & CM (Intelligence Requirement Management & Collection Management) process.


Fortion Workflow collection management

Fortion Workflow intuitive interface

Fortion Workflow can be deployed as a web application (easy integration in any system) or as a desktop application (advanced IRM & CM workflow). A specific version exists for NATO countries with the NATO data model and interfaces.

Key Features

  • Management of sensors and exploitation capabilities
  • Intelligence Requirement Management & Collection Management (IRM&CM)
  • Multiple views on the planning to ensure efficiency
  • Efficient traceability and navigation through requirements, tasks, requests, geographical Area of Interest and products
  • Operational dashboard and statistics

Your advantages with Fortion Workflow

Effective & Fast - Icon

Optimisation of intelligence assets’ use

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Efficient Intelligence Requirement Management
and Collection Management

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Tasks’ follow-up

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