Armed Forces worldwide have the same requirements: know where the threat is located and what actions are under preparation. This calls for efficient tools to manage the Intelligence needs (what am I looking for and how am I going to find it?), and dissemination of the Intelligence produced to the right persons / organisations while capitalising knowledge, in order to enable appropriate decisions.
In response to these challenges, we have developed a core capability, the integrated Fortion® Intelligence Suite of tools, to manage the Intelligence cycle and answer the requests in a joint and multi-national context.
This capability provides the combination of the following integrated core functions:

  •  An IRM & CM (Intelligence Requirement Management & Collection Management) function (Fortion® Workflow), in order to permanently plan and manage Intelligence collection and production that can be done either using Airbus solutions and/or customers’ own capabilities.
  • A sharing and dissemination function (Fortion® CSD) to search, retrieve, store and share all the information between people / organisations, based on the need-to-know defined by the operational context.


Information efficiency in highly sensitive environments

Fortion® Workflow

Fortion Workflow is designed to permanently plan and manage the Intelligence process to produce Intelligence Collection Plan (ICP) and Collection Exploitation Plan (CXP). It ensures that the right Intelligence products are produced and delivered at the right time, in the right format, for the right decision-maker. Fortion Workflow is the foundation of an effective interface between the Intelligence cycle and Joint ISR through Intelligence Requirements Management & Collection Management (IRM & CM).

Fortion Workflow user friendly interface

Fortion CSD easy to use

Fortion® CSD

Fortion CSD is the Airbus implementation of the NATO Coalition Shared Database (CSD). It enables the storage, synchronisation and dissemination of multiple data formats, geospatial information and Intelligence products, necessary to support the Intelligence cycle across the strategic Areas of Interest in peace time and operations during crisis or conflict, across multiple sites and military organisations’ Intelligence databases. Fortion CSD constitutes the ultimate glue between all processes and tasks of the Intelligence cycle and the Joint ISR process.