Fortion® SAMOC -  Air C2

Fortion® SAMOC

State-of-the-art technology for Air Defence

Fortion® SAMOC provides the coordination at a strategic level of all Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) assets, country-wide and specifically handles the Ballistic Missile Defence.

Fortion SAMOC is the perfect solution for the intelligence preparation of the battlefield, production of tactical plans (Ops Order), as well as for planning , monitoring and tasking of missions. It comprises deployment, movement and communication planning and offers display and automatic interpretation of operational information, at coordination level in a joint and combined air defence environment.

Fortion® SAMOC® supporting military workflow

Fortion® SAMOC® integrated situational awareness

Fortion SAMOC provides integrated situational awareness for air, ground, and maritime by fusing the information of all available systems in the integrated Ground Based Air Defence environment via Tactical Data Links.

Fortion SAMOC Reachback functionality enables the collaboration of the two components - Rear Command Element (RCE) and Forward Command Element (FCE), to form one Command Centre, which is separated over a long distance. It significantly reduces the forward deployed own troops (footprint) while providing full situational awareness.

  • Force operations: Effective mission planning  and optimisation capabilities for sensors, communication and weapon deployment
  • Engagement operations: Real-time fusion of information from C2 sensors and weapon systems with decision support tools
  • Reduced engagement times and optimised results, even for mixed systems (from VSHORAD to Ballistic Missile Defence)
  • Training and simulation: Rehearsals under realistic conditions
  • System configuration: Capabilities to incorporate and operate with all kinds of current and future weapon systems and sensors
Fortion® SAMOC®  deployment  movement operational information

Key features

  • Supports the entire military workflow from planning, decision, mission execution, monitoring and analysis, at coordination level
  • Optimises the air defence weapon resources
  • High operational flexibility and configurable to connect and operate with all kind of today's and future weapon systems and sensors
  • Interoperability in Joint and Combined environment via Tactical Data Links and Military Message Handling

Your advantages with Fortion SAMOC

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Fielded and combat-proven, long lasting good experience and ITAR-free

Scalable to user need - Icon

Network-centric approach guarantees same situation awareness and reaction at all levels

Long experience & Proven product - Icon

Highly configurable to connect and operate with all kinds of today’s and future weapons systems and sensors

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According to Jane’s, SAMOC is currently one of the most advanced air-defence C2 systems

“NATO and non-NATO countries have currently in use Fortion SAMOC, among others, Germany, Hungary and KSA.”

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