Fortion® 1SkyControl assists air force operators by monitoring and managing external threats during peacetime, crisis and wartime.

Fortion® 1SkyControl

Sovereignty and security of national and coalition airspace

Fortion® 1SkyControl assists forces in performing airspace surveillance and observation of the airspace under their responsibility. It enables the monitoring, identification of non-cooperative air tracks and launching of counter measures when needed.

Fortion 1SkyControl assists air force operators in tracking and identifying airborne objects and threats and guiding of own forces to designated targets in smooth coordination with military and civil ATC agencies.

Fortion 1SkyControl is a new generation of Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) software that builds and disseminates the RAP (Recognised Air Picture). It allows multi-sensor tracking for plot and jam strobe data of up to 100 live and simulated radar sensors simultaneously with a high tracking accuracy (-100 meters). It provides an automatic track correlation for over 25 different types of sources and processing as well as automatic correlation of over 6,000 flight plans.

Fortion 1SkyControl operational view

Fortion 1SkyControl latest modern solution of crc software

Fortion 1SkyControl provides Air Mission Control, Threat Evaluation, ADatP-3 message processing, Mission Assignment and communication with external systems via external tactical data links such as JREAP and Link 16.
Fortion 1SkyControl ensures the deterrence of aggressors, support of own forces, detection and suppression of enemy Air Warfare Assets and the air sovereignty of the national and coalition airspace.

Depending on individual needs three different versions of the Fortion 1SkyControl system can be provided:

  • Static: 300m² of office space and up to 50 work positions
  • Deployable: Containers with standard configuration of 9 shelters and deployment time of 1 working day
  • Transportable: Standard configuration of 3 transport cases at a deployment time of 4 hours

Key features

  • Establishment of the RAP and Air Mission Control (coordination of intercept operations)
  • Automatic identification of air tracks according to AIRCOM SUPPLAN 11013D for identifying air borne objects and alerting the operator in case of any threats
  • ATM Services ensuring import, processing and display of information, air traffic coordination with military and civil air traffic control and processing and display of meteorological information
  • Innovative 2D & 3D HMI: efficient workflow enabling operator workload reduction

Your advantages with Fortion 1SkyControl

Scalable to user need - Icon
Highly scalable platform: can be deployed on a single laptop “to go” up to 50 work positions
Effective & Fast_1 - Icon
State-of-the-art interoperability: in real-time and non-real-time
Effective & Fast - Icon

Early entry capacity with small logistic footprint and quick set-up (<1day)

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Exchange of data and commands via external tactical data links to interoperate location-independent with other Command and Control and weapon systems (SAM & fighter aircraft)

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