Fortion 1SkyUTM enables safe drone traffic coordination and traffic management for unmanned aircraft systems

Fortion® 1Sky UTM

State-of-the-art UAS Traffic Management (for A/UTM)

Are you searching for a solution for air space access and management for unmanned aerial vehicles? Fortion® 1SkyUTM relies on Airbus’ extensive UTM/ATM experience and has been tested in dense cities.

Fortion 1SkyUTM is a software that enables safe drone traffic coordination and traffic management for unmanned aircraft systems, whilst interfacing with global Air Traffic Management (ATM) / Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Centred on a Recognised Air Picture (RAP) the solution assists operators in the management of airspace, automated tracking of drone traffic, flight de-confliction and air situation monitoring of manned and unmanned traffic.

Fortion 1SkyUTM is built using our 1SkyControl expertise from the German Improved Air Defence Programme (GIADS) and is fully aligned with aviation standards and international regulations.

Fortion 1SkyUTM command control coordination and management

Key features

  • Airspace Management, Air Mission Control and Coordination with (civil) Air Traffic (Control)
  • Air Traffic Surveillance and Control: Online Air Situation Display
  • Automated flight monitoring, flight plan and 4D trajectory management
  •  Data recording and replay
  • Track data fusion and integrated ATM with UTM air picture
  • Radar tracking function
  • UTM-to-ATM interfaces

Your advantages with Fortion 1Sky UTM

Different data sources, sensors - Icon
State-of-the-art system to warrant the safety of low level air traffic
Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

High degree of automation and proven application software allow for effective air surveillance

Long experience & Proven product - Icon
Fully aligned with global aviation standards and international regulations
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Some initiatives we are part of

Logo Harmony


In our efforts to support the mobility of the future especially when it expands into the third dimension, Airbus together with other 20 partners from 9 different nations has taken part in the Harmony Consortium.

The project has been running from 2018 and will complete in 2022 with it being partially funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.




Airbus is also an active member of SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research). This initiative is the technological pillar of the Single European Sky.

It aims to improve Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance by modernising and harmonising ATM systems through the definition, development, validation and deployment of innovative technological and operational ATM solutions.

Founded by the European Union and Eurocontrol – today SESAR unites the whole aviation community through its 19 members.

What our customers say

Fortion 1SkyUTM is an integrated element in the Skyways project in Singapore

Leo Jeoh,
Head of Design Office,
Airbus Helicopters, Southeast Asia

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