We provide Air Forces with unique and innovative Command and Control systems in the field of airspace management, air traffic control and air surveillance operations, with Fortion® 1SkyTower, Fortion® 1SkyControl and Fortion® 1SkyUTM.

In addition, securing the safety of nations against threats, Fortion® SAMOC and Fortion® IBMS are our solutions for Ground Based Air Defence.

Fortion 1SkyControl

Sovereignty and security of national and coalition airspace

Fortion 1SkyControl is a new generation of Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) software that builds and disseminates the RAP (Recognised Air Picture). It allows multi-sensor tracking for plot and jam strobe data of up to 100 live and simulated radar sensors simultaneously with a high tracking accuracy (<100m). It provides automatic track correlation for more than 25 different types of sources and processing as well as automatic correlation of more than 6,000 flight plans.

Fortion 1skycontrol operational view

Fortion 1skytower command control

Fortion 1SkyTower

Ensuring a safe approach for military aircrafts and Air Forces

Fortion 1SkyTower provides a complete air and ground picture, with centralised management of all information and improved aircraft protection. This state-of-the-art solution ensures civil/military coordination, controls flight plans, Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), weather and local resources (parking, aircraft availability, etc.).

Fortion SAMOC

State-of-the-art technology for Ground Based Air Defence

Fortion SAMOC provides the coordination at a strategic level of all Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) assets, country-wide and handles specifically the Ballistic Missile Defence.

Fortion SAMOC is the perfect solution for the intelligence preparation of the battlefield, production of tactical plans (ops order), as well as for planning, monitoring and tasking of missions. It comprises deployment, movement and communication planning and offers display and automatic interpretation of operational information, on coordination level in a joint and combined air defence environment.

Fortion SAMOC GBAD coordination

Fortion IBMS Integrated Battle Management System

Fortion IBMS

Qualified Command and Control system at execution level

Fortion IBMS is a qualified Command and Control system for Ground Based Air Defence. It provides reliable performance for aerial defence, convoy protection, protection of mission critical entities or infrastructure and Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS).