Supporting civil engineering and infrastructure projects
Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Reliable geospatial data for planning, developing and maintaining infrastructure projects

Civil engineering and infrastructure management is complex, with multiple facets of the industry. The field combines multiple sources of data and expertise to support design, analysis and management of critical human activities such as electric and energy services, wastewater, communications, transportation and buildings – all of which make up the urban and rural communities in which we live.

GIS is playing a key role in this field. Civil Engineers can capture and analyse spatial data, combined with other data sources from city and local levels, to present geographic maps with pinpoint accuracy – anywhere in the world.


Accurate and reliable geospatial imagery and data for infrastructure management

Civil Engineering and infrastructure development are strong governmental drivers worldwide. Geospatial information is an accurate and cost-efficient data source that plays a crucial role in supporting key decision-makers. We have been providing geospatial data and insights to the civil engineering and infrastructure community for over two decades.


We provide you with access to the largest commercial satellite constellation on the market that provides multi-resolution and multi-source data. Whether you need satellite imagery over a large area, to a specific location, our constellation of satellites offers flexible options for imagery needs.

Satellite Image Oneatlas Washington Bridge

OneAtlas Analytics Illustration


OneAtlas is our geospatial platform that provides premium imagery, industry specific insights and analytics that are easy to access. Imagery and analytics are available in flexible formats – available to plug into your enterprise solution.

Reference Layers

Airbus’ Reference Layer portfolio offers the most comprehensive range of Digital Elevation Models, global Basemap and Ground Control Points. Whether you are planning an infrastructure network or need accurate information about water bodies and drainage networks, our elevation datasets and “grids” are value-added information that can help ensure precision for any infrastructure planning and much more.

Airbus WorldDEM Hydro Layer Lago Maggiore Lago d'Orta

System land

Land Administration services

Our Land Administration Services provide government customers with the tools to collect and manage data relating to properties and their owners, in order to help deliver sustainable services and boost economic growth.

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