Variable Rate Application Farmstar Wheat

Crop monitoring and Precision Farming insight

Farmstar is a service supporting your daily farming decision making.
Throughout the crop cycle, you receive agronomic recommendations directly usable for relevant decision making and action in the field.

For more than 20 years we have supported French farmers looking to optimise their yield, improve their harvest quality, rationalise fertiliser inputs and safeguard the environment. 

The service was co-developed by Airbus and Arvalis Institut du Végétal (French Technical Institute for Cereals) with the support of Terres Inovia (French Technical Institute for Rapeseed Crop).

It combines satellite imagery with strong agronomic expertise. From seeding to harvest, Farmstar provides a complete range of advice for wheat, barley, rapeseed and rapeseed ‘s companion plant at intra-field scale, all perfectly aligned with the crop cycle.

Farmstar in 2023

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679 000 hectares

89 000 parcels managed annually

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12 500 farmer users

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35 preferred distributors

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1000 technicians


Farmstar delivers two types of variable rate application maps


Tractor Farmstar

Automated VRA*

Which uses GPS signals and an on-board display to automatically manage spreader distribution.

Tractor Farmstar

Manual VRA*

With a simplified map to enable the farmer to visually manage doses depending on zones.

* Variable Rate Application : VRA is a fast-spreading practice. Thanks to VRA, farmers spread inputs within the parcel on an extremely local basis, depending on the real needs of the plant at each place in the field.


Key features

Consistent guidance

Regular crop monitoring and farming advice


Compatible with almost any equipment for variable rate application of inputs within the field

Compatibility with basic systems

Available in a simplified format to support manual spraying (for tractors without variable rate application devices)

User-friendly portal

Available on computer, smartphone and tablets

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Your advantages with Farmstar

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Increases yield, improves harvest quality

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Reduces costs and simplifies field work

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon


Supports farming regulation compliance with nitrogen regulations

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Safeguards the environment

Minimises farming impact on the environment by using only what the plant really needs


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