Verde, Airbus Precision Farming Solution
Crop Analytics for Precision Farming

Satellite-based analytics for next-level Precision Farming

Our Crop Analytics for Precision Farming provides precision-agriculture leaders and digital start-ups with incomparable vegetation maps, perfectly clipped to the field and accurately de-clouded.

Our Crop Analytics delivers unrivalled vegetation maps based on a unique capability to characterise plant parameters regardless of the satellite source. These quantitative, precise vegetation insights have been designed to simplify the fusion of satellite imagery and agronomy. These physical measures of vegetation are easy to ingest in crop models for seamless fusion with other data sources such as soil, moisture and weather information.

They empower the capacity to go beyond observation to establish an agronomic diagnosis, and eventually to release a farming recommendation.
Lastly, API delivery ensures direct integration into any workflow for a seamless experience at the farmers’ end.

Strategic added-value for farmers

Airbus' analytics makes crop health monitoring easy, so you can focus on getting the most out of your fields. You can easily and efficiently access your data from the portal of your trusted, long-term supplier, enjoying premium personalised service and advice.

Verde Ipad Precision Farming

Crop Analytics for Precision Farming use cases

 Verde In season Analysis Agriculture Airbus


Use is meant for tactical response, to help farmers monitor and manage their fields, daily (detect anomalies to optimise field scouting, irrigation, seeding, fertilisation, crop protection - and profit).

 Verde Historical Use Agriculture Airbus

Historical use

Is centred around return on experience. Data from past seasons is invaluable to refine the farming strategy, improve practices and increase sustainability on the long run


Key features

Turnkey analytics

Powered by extraction of biophysical information characterising crop status.

Data from different image sources

Derived from SPOT, Sentinel 2, Landsat 8, Pléiades.

Served as an API

Plug and play to any precision agriculture portal.


Your advantages with Airbus' Crop Analytics for Precision Farming

Crop Models Icon

100% usable

Calculate the biomass and nitrogen uptake

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

100% reliable

Consistent over time and space whatever the light conditions, viewing angle, image sensor and weather conditions

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100% operational

easy integration with agrometeorological models to convert satellite-based observations into agronomic assessments and practical farming recommendations

What our customers say

"We are looking at expanding our product offering to our 7,500 farm user base who wants more detail about their crops, beyond just NDVI. Having higher resolution on some of the data is also a key value proposition. This is where Verde fits quite nicely. We have already processed 4,000,000 hectares of NDVI to date and want to leverage our user base to offer this value-added service. Crops such as cotton, rice and sugarcane will certainly benefit”.

Tim Neale,
Managing Director,

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