The Integrated Solution for Precision Agriculture

AgNeo is unified solution for remote sensing in agriculture. With reports and crop health alerts derived from the most accurate and reliable satellite imagery, AgNeo integrates into your system via API.

Our Field Monitoring Solution Delivers Actionable Information throughout the Growing Season

AgNeo leverages Intelligence’ decades of experience in remote sensing and the precision agriculture market. We are a trusted and collaborative partner in growing precision agriculture solutions of the future.

AgNeo helps you save time, optimise inputs and increase yields.

Our solution is based on premium agriculture analytics and the highest quality satellite imagery from our SPOT, Pléiades satellites as well as Sentinel-2 satellites…. and shortly Pléiades Neo. By normalising data across the highest quality sensors, we provide the temporal resolution you need.

From timely crop imagery health alerts to advanced biophysical parameters, AgNeo supports a wide range of capabilities. Utilise AgNeo alerts to direct agronomists to scout areas in their fields that require immediate attention. Create management zones and variable rate application maps in AgNeo utilising crop health maps from satellite maps.

Partner with the leader in remote sensing for agriculture and integrate AgNeo to enhance your digital farming platform.


Key Features

Automated email alerts

For directing scouting of commodity crops driven by 1.5m SPOT satellite imagery in Core crop analytics

Fine-tuned agriculture analytics

For health assessment of permanent crops running on 0.5m Pleiades satellite imagery in Permanent Crop Analytics

Tree counts

For high value orchards

Higher temporal resolution

Available through normalisation of output across sensors using Biophysical parameters from our Verde solution


Agneo Solution

Your advantages with AgNeo

Effective & Fast - Icon

Optimise your crop consultant’s time through automated email health alerts

Automated Alerts Icon

Find problems in the field before they are visible to the eye

Chart Increase Icon

Increase yield, improve quality, and maximise inputs using enhanced, plant level analytics for high value orchards and vineyards

Crop Models Icon

Manage variability in the field through creation of management zones and variable rate application maps

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