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Precision Farming

Precision agriculture leaders can now build incomparable farming services in no time at all

Rapidly growing populations, limited farm lands and resources, movement towards greener practices and commodity price impacts on farmers revenues - are all factors calling for increased production and more sustainable agriculture.

Our answer? Precision Farming!

Over the 30 last years, Intelligence has developed expertise in collecting the required imagery on time, and in extracting consistent vegetation indicators, which are robust regardless of the satellite imagery used. These turn-key analytics, powered by biophysical inversion enables quantification of biomass or nutrient content, and monitors fields with no bias, free of ground measurement. Combined with agro-meteorological models, they can be accurately turned into prescriptions to dose fertilisers, water, growth regulators and pesticides, finally helping to minimise the environmental impact of farming.

We aim at providing agriculture service providers, advisors and agronomists with a living reference layer of high resolution satellite imagery, premium crop analytics and field delineation.

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Supporting your daily farming decision making

Crop management tool providing farming advice throughout the growing cycle.

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Mapping fields is now easy

Simple and cost-effective access to satellite imagery no older than 12 months, covering the entire world.

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Quick and easy access to premium satellite data

Our extensive constellation of satellites ensures you quickly get the right pixels at the right time with the right resolution to meet your needs.

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What our customers say

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"We are looking at expanding our product offering to our 7,500 farm user base who wants more detail about their crops, beyond just NDVI. Having higher resolution on some of the data is a key value proposition. This is where Crop Analytics fits quite nicely. We have already processed 4,000,000 hectares of NDVI to date, and want to leverage our user base to offer this value-added service. Crops such as cotton, rice and sugarcane will certainly benefit.”

Tim Neale,
Managing Director,

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Descartes Labs

"At Descartes Labs, we help companies across the agricultural supply chain extract insights from geospatial data. The Airbus SPOT and Pléiades collections power predictive analytics into agricultural production, supply chain efficiencies and sustainability that aren't otherwise available. These data sets are a valuable business asset."

Fritz Schlereth,
Head of Product,
Descartes Labs

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