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Grassland Production Index

Cover cattle breeders against shortages in forage yield

The Grassland Production Index (GPI) is a service allowing insurers to cover cattle breeders against shortages in forage yield. It features a reliable and continuous estimation of grass growth over the entire territory of France.

Month after month, the indicator is compared to the historical average, the maximum and minimum record years in grassland production, at a local (yet not individual) scale.

When the index drops below an agreed threshold, the insurers compensate all insured breeders in the impacted local province, (within the conditions defined in their respective contracts), without any paperwork or on-site expert inspection.

GPI is currently the unique index validated by the French government and French Agricultural Insurance Scheme, after a complete, detailed ground-based validation campaign (grass cut and weight). It has also been approved by the breeders unions and today, remains the sole index that is subsidised by the European Union.

Each year in November, we submit the Index to a committee of independent experts* under the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Budget, in order to validate its use for the following year.
*Experts: CNES, Météo France, INRA, IDELE, ISFA Lyon


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Key features

Consistent evaluation

Continuous grass growth monitoring every 10 days

Local (but not individual) analytics

Avoid moral hazards while remaining consistent with local events


Comparison to a thorough, consistent historical reference

Global coverage

Comprehensive wide-area coverage

Grassland Production Index 2019 Airbus


Your advantages with Grassland Production Index

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon


The forage shortages estimated is 100% based on objective data and satellite imagery.

Improved cooperation - Icon

Fair and equitable

The processing of the estimation is the same everywhere and for everyone.

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Easy and fast

No ground expertise required, the financial compensation is accelerated and the administration effort reduced.

User friendliness - Icon


Regardless of the farm result, the index allows the insurer to define the amount of compensation depending of the insured capital.


What our customers say

"There was no way to insure cattle growers against fodder shortage with traditional insurance, as classic on-site inspections cannot be applied on grasslands. The Airbus team has worked tirelessly with us to establish a satellite-based index accurately describing grassland production for the entire country. This index has been the start of an innovative insurance product, a true game changer for our activity. Thousands of farmers now benefit from reliable protection against grassland shortage, with paperwork effort reduced to the bare minimum."

Bruno Lepoivre,
Deputy Director of the Agriculture and Prevention Market,
Crédit Agricole

Bruno Lepoivre Deputy - Crédit Agricole

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