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Crop Analytics for Institutions

Our Crop Analytics for institutions delivers time series of satellite vegetation maps

In order to confirm the attribution of subsidies at field level, improve agricultural statistics (acreage and production estimates) but also support farmers and sustainable farming practices.


Our Crop Analytics for Institution retrieves time-series of satellite-derived advanced metrics over millions of fields. The service is used to accurately identify crop type, detect harvest and farming practices, as well as anomalies in crop development (early warning on potential losses in crop production).

Therefore, our Crop Analytics support the control of subsidies attribution, the agricultural statistics and the improvement of agricultural production down to extension services and farmers.

Crop Analytics


Key features

Cutting-edge analytics

Our Crop Analytics time-series of biophysical parameters go much beyond green vegetation, providing results that are fully comparable over time and geographies.

  • Avoid false diagnoses and detect anomalies quicker

Advanced processing for increased revisit over your land parcels

Thanks to unrivalled geometric corrections (Sentinel and Landsat images are registered on OneAtlas Basemap) and atmospheric corrections providing the most accurate de-hazing, our Crop Analytics retrieves more pixels and improves the revisit over any land parcel.

  • Limit the risk of missing a key crop stage in your diagnosis

All-in-one API

100% cloud-based, our crop analytics automatically ingests Sentinel-2, Landsat-8 but also high and very high resolution optical imagery, masks clouds, calculates biophysical parameters and clips all results to each field in a single process.

Easy to access

Rely on cutting-edge and cost-efficient image processing, easily plugged to any system.

Your advantages with Crop Analytics

Different data sources, sensors - Icon


Benefit from satellite-derived analytics without having to separately integrate, process and manage satellite data

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Be ready earlier for Common Agricultural Policy Monitoring thanks to an existing cutting-edge technology

Automated Alerts Icon


Number of false alerts reduced, going beyond NDVI for clearer discrimination and more accurate results

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon


Revisit in crop profiles with multisensory time series and state-of-the-art atmospheric correction

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