Maritime Domain Awareness

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Maritime Surveillance has become a huge challenge over the past few decades, specifically in regions where maritime traffic represents the major economic interest, potential threats or source of illegal activities such as smuggling, illegal immigration or piracy.

The great maritime nations consider that they do not have the capacity to monitor the entire Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) using only traditional means. Satellites extend surveillance capacities from coastal areas to open seas and provide information in order to optimise operations at sea.

We are in a unique position to provide services, systems and solutions in that market.

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Your Needs

  • Activity awareness within an area (EEZ & more)
  • Detect patterns of illegal behaviour at sea (illegal fishing, narco-traffic, immigration, maritime pollution, piracy)
  • Assist with trapping/catching traffickers in the act (e.g.: via Coastguards)
  • Defence mission (naval forces): Intelligence, support to troops, manoeuvres, support to aerial operations, interception of enemy boats…



Maritime Asset Detection and Identification Reports

OceanFinder provides asset information reports over surfaces and places defined by the user, as one shot or on a regular basis.

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Fortion MediaMining

Intelligence, Exploitation, MediaMining

Solution to collect, process and analyse huge amounts of heterogeneous data, thanks to dedicated exploitation and analysis capabilities.

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Optical and Radar Constellation

Be the First to Know

We deliver very fresh, high-resolution and wide-swath images, providing detailed, actionable intelligence at the right time – no matter where.

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GEOINT Data Management Systems

Our I4D product (Intelligence for Decision) suite is a powerful  set of systems for multi-source data management, visualisation, analysis and fusion, allowing smart decision making.

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Direct Receiving Station

Process your own Products in full Security and Confidentiality

The Direct Receiving Station (DRS) enables a direct access to Airbus Defence and Space’s complete Earth observation satellite constellation.
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