The licenses below apply to U.S. and Canadian customers. The content of these licenses is the exact same as the international licenses, but they are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and delivered by our U.S. subsidiary, Airbus DS Geo, Inc.

Optical Imagery

Main licence set

These are the licences that are applicable for most customers’ requirements.

They do not require any prior validation from Airbus.





Internal use rights
View, copy, process, share internally
External distribution rights
PRODUCT AND VAP Access denied icon Access denied icon Access denied icon
DERIVATIVE WORK Check icon Access denied icon Check icon
EXTRACT Check icon Access denied icon  Check icon
BACKGROUND LAYER Access denied icon  Check icon Check icon
  pdf Standard License pdf Background Layer License pdf Standard + Background Layer License



On-demand licence set

These are the licences applicable to specific user cases.

If you require one of these licences, please contact our team.

STANDARD Multi End-Users




pdf Standard Multi End-Users License pdf Media License pdf Academic License pdf Technical Evaluation License

Do you want to know more about our licences?

Here is a guide that provides an explanation on how our licences work: