Support to the Insurance Sector

Our insurance solutions provide comprehensive tools for visualising property risk information and assessing wide area catastrophic damage at scale, ideal for Insurance and reinsurance risk managers, Managing General Agents (MGA), claims management, insurance underwriters and insurance claims adjusters.

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Your Needs:

UK Insurance:

  • Anticipate flood (or other) risks
  • Assess risk on a per property basis
  • Enable desktop surveys prior to sending surveyors into the field

USA Insurance:

  • Fast access to imagery before and during events
  • Use AI for wide area claims handling at scale
  • Settle claims from the desktop
  • Task image acquisition when needed


Geospatial Financial Hub

Environmental Perils Risk Data and Portfolio Analysis at Property Level

Our Geospatial Financial Hub delivers multiple geospatial UK datasets, from leading specialists, to eliminate uncertainties and reduce risks for the property insurer, owner, vendor and lender.

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Catastrophic Response

Faster Response to catastrophic events in the USA

Using aerial imagery of an impacted area allows claims teams to make accurate, high-volume decisions to plan and deploy resources in a fraction of the time it would take to manually inspect properties.

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Optical and Radar Imagery

The Most Extensive and Accurate Imagery Solutions with a Unique Constellation

Take advantage of the most extensive and accurate surveillance solutions, with optical and radar satellite imagery, and a wealth of related products and services for smarter decision making.
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Connecting Imagery from Space to Decisions on Earth

OneAtlas is a unique collaborative environment to easily access premium imagery, perform large-scale image processing, extract industry specific insights and benefit from Airbus assets to develop your solutions.

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