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Whether you are planning a mission, trying to detect the source of hostile activity or need to anticipate what is happening during a crisis - actionable, up-to-date intelligence is key. Airbus Defence and Space’s one-of-a-kind constellation of optical and radar satellites gives you access to any point on Earth at least twice a day. 

Defence - DGI

With more than 30 years of production expertise as well as direct access to the satellite sensors and a global ground station network, Airbus Defence and Space gives you the confidence that you always get the most recent imagery.

Military commanders typically operate in high tempo environments and feed off a variety of intelligence sources to reach a particular decision. Efficient spatial imagery tasking services especially designed to enable rapid collection cover crisis areas as well as regular updates, developed specifically to support the high currency and coverage rates of the GEOINT community.

During the DGI conference, Airbus Defence and Space is pleased to demonstrate how you can task our satellites directly from desktop for even faster access and timely information.

Meet us at booth # 32/33 at DGI to see how easy our Instant Tasking Service is.

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Get a Fresh Perspective When it Matters Most