Mosaic of WorldDEM Products
WorldDEM™ Thematic Layers and Derivatives

Elevation Model of choice for all global applications

Integrating WorldDEM™ as a reliable and precise reference layer into operations and applications provides for a single confidence scale and enhances the performance of a wide range of systems and equipment.


Most consistent, homogenous and accurate Elevation Model for high-quality image orthorectification on a Global Scale

  • An elevation information layer optimised for the orthorectification of high-resolution (HR) and very high resolution (VHR) optical satellite data
  • Global off-the-shelf availability
  • Available in large areas (global, continent, DRS cone, country)
  • A single-source Digital Elevation Model, automatically produced, 24m posting, based on the WorldDEMcore (smoothing, filtering and filling depending on terrain and land use)
  • Ensures that the orthorectified image is free of artefacts
  • Minimises distortions in the orthorectified image induced by the topography of the landscape
  • Ideally suited for DRS and satellite operators and anyone wishing to orthorectify their imagery
WorldDEM4Ortho over Aceh, Indonesia, northern end of Sumatra

WorldDEM DTM lite over Aceh, Indonesia, northern end of Sumatra

WorldDEM DTMlite

Most accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) on a Global Scale

  • Automatically generated Digital Terrain Model (DTM) meeting basic quality requirements
  • Bare Earth: man-made objects and vegetation are removed
  • Consistent and uniform resolution of 24m
  • WorldDEM DTMlite profits from the high precision of the WorldDEMTM product which serves as input to the automated process
  • Closes gaps in the market between LiDAR and existing large area elevation models
  • Available globally off-the-shelf

WorldDEM Ocean Shoreline

Homogeneous, gap-free and single-source shoreline mapping

  • Replacing GSHHS (Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Shoreline Database)
  • Delineation of the shoreline derived from global WorldDEM dataset (vectorised)
  • Representing the water-land-mark at the time of data collection
  • Consistent and uniform resolution of 12m: vectors without any topological errors or gaps
  • Including river mouths on ocean level (zero elevation)
  • Using the latest available satellite imagery further enhances the shoreline to account for any recent temporal changes (new ports, marinas, jetties, breakwaters, beach erosion or accretion)
  • Update possible with TerraSAR-X or other satellite data as required e.g. after a tsunami event
WorldDEM Ocean Shoreline over Aceh, Indonesia, northern end of Sumatra

WorldDEM Hydro Layer over Aceh, Indonesia, northern end of Sumatra

WorldDEM Hydro Layer

High resolution hydrological mapping & modelling

  • Homogeneous and accurate information on a global scale
  • For regional and global analysis and modelling (map scale 1:25,000)
  • Contains vector data of lakes and rivers derived from the WorldDEM amplitude data
  • Optional: vector data of stream lines (drainage network) derived from the WorldDEM elevation data
  • Replacing existing standard (SWBD - SRTM Water Body Data)

WorldDEM Clutter Map

Development and planning of mobile network infrastructure

  • Bundle of WorldDEM elevation data clutter map
  • High resolution (24m pixel spacing)
  • Globally available
  • Off-the-shelf delivery / On-demand
  • The clutter map, delivered together with a WorldDEM 24m product, shows the physical coverage of the Earth’s surface, divided into several land cover classes. It is a composite of the medium resolution Land Cover Map provided by the European Copernicus Global Land Service and high resolution feature classes mapped by Airbus.
WorldDEM Clutter Map over Aceh, Indonesia, northern end of Sumatra


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