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Airbus Ground Control Points

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GCPs - Highly accurate 3D coordinates

Airbus Ground Control Points are essential for accurate ortho-rectification of aerial, optical satellite imagery and drone data, for precise localisation of ground features and landmark detection.

Airbus Ground Control Points represent a specific geolocation of an object on the Earth’s surface, with geolocation accuracies up to 10cm in horizontal (2D) and vertical (3D) directions. These measured objects are mainly infrastructure features such as lightning poles, traffic signs, fences, and other notable elements e.g. on buildings. The corresponding 3D coordinates are automatically calculated based on spaceborne radar imagery The points can be used to link with corresponding elements in optical imagery or with mobile mapping data to improve or validate geo location accuracy of these data sets.


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Precise orthorectification of input data, supporting map scales of 1:2,500 to 1:10,000


Build and refresh airport runway database


Support of mission planning

Oil, Gas and Mining

Localisation of potential exploration sites and pipeline corridors

Civil Engineering

Infrastructure planning

Automobile Industry

Co-registration and validation of HD maps and mobile mapping data to support autonomous driving

GCP Aeronautics
Oil, Gas and Mining
GCP Automobile Industry
Automobile Industry

Key features

  • Precise orthorectification of optical imagery, elevation models and maps
  • Coverage of large areas (1000km²) per product
  • Increasing accuracy of optical imagery and mapping data
  • Homogenise geo-information layers
  • Supporting sensor data fusion
  • Complementing in-situ measurements


Your advantages with Ground Control Points

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Increase spatial data accuracy
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Allow precise orthorectification of aerial or satellite imagery

Available Globally - Icon

Globally available, avoid in-situ risks


What our customers say

"We are amazed with the accuracy of the Airbus GCPs and that we can harmonise them so well with other data sources. Without the GCPs, we would not be able to complete this huge project in the allotted time frame."

Ady Ruchiatan,
Managing Director,

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