Dubai, one of the most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates, visualised with the help of 3D Textured Model.
3D Textured Model

Add textured model relief to your imagery and visualise the world in 3D

3D Textured Model, the latest release in the Airbus 3D and Elevation product portfolio derived from very high-resolution optical imagery, opens up new possibilities for rapid, highly detailed 3D reconstruction and visualisation of large areas.

The 3D Textured Model combines a 50cm DSM, true ortho-mosaic and realistic facade using a semi-automated process.

We help our customers in Mapping, Defence & Security, LBS and various other markets to improve their VisSim and analytics applications by providing 3D models based on updated, fresh, homogeneous and consistent data.

Being a satellite-based product, it is ideal for use in areas that are remote or difficult to access (i.e. hot spots) where flying and mobile scanning/mapping may be restricted.

The next generation of 3D Models are coming soon with the deployment of Pléiades Neo, our new high resolution constellation that provides 30cm satellite imagery, that will enhance our level of detail and revisit capabilities.

Key features

  • Visualise your Area of Interest even in remote and hot spot areas using regularly updated, fresh and relevant data
  • Simulate your tactical mission, network utilisation or natural event with consistency and homogeneity around the globe
  • Model your construction project, geological point of interest or city map
3D Textured Model - Washington

Your advantages with 3D Textured Model

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Flexible tasking and on demand production, providing relevant information

High quality & Reliability - Icon


Homogeneity and consistency guaranteed everywhere in the world

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More radiometric and geometric information and detail enhancing your VisSim and analytics experience

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Quick & Easy Access

Visualise existing 3D models via OneAtlas and get access to tailored processing functionality (end 2021)

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