High Accuracy Map Extraction Available in OneAtlas
OneAtlas - Analytics

Geospatial analytics providing actionable insights at scale

Seamlessly access Airbus imagery with trusted AI & cloud technology to leverage accurate geospatial information to get the insights you need.


Extensive portfolio of ready-to-use, accurate geospatial analytics that range from land use and change detection, to activity analysis and monitoring. Choose between immediate analysis or monitoring over time with results delivered in ready-to-use formats.

Our OneAtlas Analytics Services

Infrastructure Change Detection

Thanks to unique machine learning capabilities, quickly detect man-made changes over your sites and areas of interest using SPOT and Pléiades imagery. These changes include infrastructure change detection such as buildings, roads and earthworks.
Change Detection: Analytics Interface

Land Use & Map extraction: All vector no Rail Drive

High Accuracy Map Extraction

Build accurate datasets at regional, country-wide or continental scale.

  • Fully-automated Land Use classification (6 classes)
  • High Accuracy Map Extraction including building footprints, roads mapping or land cover (12 classes)


Activity Analysis and Monitoring

Get objective answers about supply chains, commodities, business intelligence and more

  • Cars counting
  • Trucks counting
  • Ships at Sea identification
  • Aircraft identification & classification



Your advantages with OneAtlas Analytics

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Powerful capabilities

Extensive portfolio of ready-to-use and reliable analytics. We partner with the best in class providers to enable users with scalable analytic services

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Insights for you

  • Choose between immediate analysis or monitoring over time.
  • Get notifications about changes in activities
  • Leverage our team of experts and partners for custom projects & industry-specific solutions today
  • Results delivered in ready-to-use formats
User friendliness - Icon

Seamless service

  • Direct access to OneAtlas imagery and analytics
  • Choose from simple subscription packages or custom packages
  • Analytics compatible with leading GIS platforms
  • Integrate analytics in your own application using our dedicated APIs

Our Products in Action

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