One Tasking

Task a Satellite from the Convenience of your Own Desktop


Commissioning a Satellite
Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to an unprecedented commitment to delivering new imagery collections, OneTasking provides answers and support in any situation exactly when and where you need it: from the most basic map updates to emergency response, land use analysis, mission planning or frequent insights through reliable monitoring.

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Get Access to Information When You Need It

We designed 4 options to fulfil your needs:

One day

Choose your acquisition

One now

Access useful information in an instant

One plan

Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe

One series

Get coverage on a regular


Your advantages with OneTasking

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Best choice for maximising the success of your collection campaign

Cost efficient - Icon

Compensation, if acquisitions are not made on time

Different data sources, sensors - Icon
Flexible sensors, superior availability
for ultra-fast delivery
Effective & Fast - Icon
Streamlined offer, to lighten the ordering
process for all satellite imagery and sales channels
24/7 access 

What Our Customers Say

"I am personally very pleased that such service is now available. Over the years, being able to communicate users’ needs back to satellite data providers (and vice versa) confirms the Airbus Defence and Space GeoStore online database is a really great solution."

Marie Hakova from GISAT

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