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The Best of Very-High Resolution Optical Imagery for an Unprecedented Level of Geospatial Services

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From 2021, Airbus Intelligence will reshape the Earth Observation-based services with the launch of Pléiades Neo, the new optical 30cm-resolution constellation.

Pléiades Neo is our most advanced optical constellation, with four identical 30cm resolution satellites with ultimate reactivity. Entirely funded, manufactured, owned and operated by Airbus, Pléiades Neo is a breakthrough in the Earth Observation domain.

Thanks to these state-of-the-art satellites, we optimise each step of the acquisition and delivery cycle in order to offer you top-level Earth Observation services now and going forward into decades to come.


Are you eager to start purchasing Pléiades Neo imagery?

Get ready as the commercialisation of Pléiades Neo constellation is planned for 1 November 2021!

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Pléiades Neo Applications

Image for Pléiades Neo for Defence

Pléiades Neo for Defence Applications

Defence and Intelligence customers operate in a demanding environment need the most robust and precise tools to achieve their missions seamlessly.
With 30 cm resolution, best-in-class geolocation accuracy and twice-a-day revisit, the four identical Pléiades Neo satellites unlock new possibilities: enhanced projection preparationprecise location of enemy positions and better anticipation and prevention for increased responsiveness and protection.

Pléiades Neo for Maritime

With increasing maritime traffic, border security enforcement, growing illegal activities and threats at sea, it is more important than ever before to be able to effectively monitor, react and protect our oceans and waterways. Pléiades Neo brings a new level of maritime intelligence for law enforcement organisations. With its 30cm resolution detailed imagery and multi-revisit capabilities, we can now provide rapid insight for effective surveillance. Pléaides Neo is ideal for maritime security and environmental applications such as identifying illegal activities/routes, trafficking, oil spill monitoring and illegal fishing.

Pléiades Neo Satellite Image for Maritime - Agadir

Pléiades Neo - Dubai, UAE - May 2021

Pléiades Neo for Urban Applications

Precise detail, massive data and timeliness are more and more crucial in our constantly changing world. To support land administration and city management, Pléiades Neo delivers optimum reactivity to address todays real urban challenges. Whether it is to asses climate change and pollution impacts, monitor urban sprawl and soil sealing or to ensure safety and emergency response with its 30cm imagery and high agility and capacity, Pléiades Neo delivers the necessary insights.

Pléiades Neo for Mapping

Only half of the Earth’s land surfaces are covered by topographic mapping and many of these maps are outdated or inaccurate. In our constantly changing environment where information is key, having accurate fresh mapping is vital for many applications.

  • Accurate Large Scale Mapping
    Providing 30cm resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation, Pléiades Neo brings a significant level of information required for precise large-scale mapping in a military or civilian context up to 1:2000 scale
  • Fresh Product Layers
    The intraday revisit provided by our 4 identical satellites enables rapid acquisitions allowing frequent updates for any product layer
  • Reliable 3D Models
    Pléiades Neo’s agility ensures multi-stereo acquisitions in one single pass, which is essential in building topographic maps. These acquisitions combined with the Pixel Factory
Pléiades Neo - Shanghai, China - May 2021

Key Features

  • 4 agile identical satellites in constellation
  • Sun-synchronous orbit, 10:30 am, Descending node, 620km altitude
  • Mission lifetime: 10 years
  • Reactivity: Tasking and download through Polar Stations, improved services through Partner Operating Centres and SpaceDataHighway
  • Innovative cloud-based ground segment architecture for massive production
  • Spatial Resolution: VHR 0.3m Ground Sample Distance (GSD)
  • Geolocation accuracy: <5m CE90 at nadir
  • Spectral bands: Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near-infrared, Panchromatic
  • Mono, stereo and tri-stereo acquisitions
  • Intra-day revisit
    - Daily anywhere (30° off-Nadir)
    -Twice daily anywhere (46° off-Nadir
  • Dynamic range at acquisition: 12 bits
  • Coverage: Up to 2 million km² per day

Your advantages with Pléiades Neo

High Accuracy Icon


Highest commercial resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation

Effective & Fast - Icon


Ultimate reactivity for last-minute tasking requests and rapid delivery

User friendliness - Icon


Improved weather forecast for better acquisition success rate

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Advanced Analytics

Enables generation of analytics for automatic detection and object identification and to feed massive intelligence needs

"With Pléiades Neo, we will have the most advanced optical high-resolution constellation on offer for both commercial and secured governmental applications […] The fact that Pléiades Neo is equipped with the latest Laser Communication Technology gives our customers an advantage of speed that will be unrivalled in our industry for a long time"

Evert Dudok,
Head of Connected Intelligence,
Airbus Defence and Space

Evert Dudok, Head of Communications,Intelligence and Security at Airbus Defence and Space

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