DMC Constellation Satellite Image - Algal Bloom - Taihu Lake
DMC Constellation

The solution for rapid coverage of large areas

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The DMC Constellation provides rapid repeat coverage of the largest countries, regions and even continents in order to support you in the development of applications and services across various markets.

The DMC Constellation acquires multispectral imagery at 22m-24m resolution and panchromatic imagery at 12m. Image size is adjustable up to very large images (i.e. 640 km x 1,300km). The constellation collects over 10,000,000km² per day and features a revisit frequency of 1 to 2 days anywhere on Earth.

Thanks to our flexible new imagery tasking options through our OneTasking service you can order the imagery best suited for your project easily, fast and risk-free. Additionally our extensive imagery archive goes back to 2004.

Access to the DMC Constellation supports you in the development of applications and services across various markets such as wide-area change detection, forestry, agriculture, disaster management, land cover mapping and environmental monitoring.

Since 2019, Alsat-1B and KazSTSAT have joined the DMC Constellation to ensure continuity of the mission and bring additional spectral bands as well as enhanced coverage frequency to the constellation.

DMC Constellation Satellite Image NIR - Louisiana, USA

Key features

  • Frequent revisit worldwide (1-2 days)
  • Large daily collection (>10,000,000km²/day)
  • Optimised image acquisition around cloud cover
  • Cross-calibrated satellites
  • Seamless compatibility with Landsat ETM+

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Rapid delivery of data including directly to the user via DRS

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